Half a year in and I’m enjoying the ride of my life!

We have reached the one half year mark and at David’s Music House, are proud to have started this journey and excited to hear a community ‘buzz’ spreading about our “Total Music Experience.” My wish is that David’s Music House becomes “the” gathering place for the community, to share their love of music and the arts and where people find comfort and happiness!

As I watch new and familiar faces of people who come to listen or perform on our weekly Open Mic Nights and music lovers who enjoy our mid-week and Friday Night Concerts at David’s Music House, I am beginning to realize the answer to that phrase we were often asked when we were young, “what do you want to do when you grow up?” I am finally doing it!

As our world is filled with turmoil, tough economic times, increased work loads and stress levels, I am encouraged to see David’s Music House become one small nook in our community where people can escape to a love of music by sitting around in our “Big Living Room” and listen to and applaud the youngest beginning performer, to a seasoned professional.  Everyone at DMH not only comes to play the music they love, but also to listen, applaud and to cheer for all the other performers.  This is a House of support, friendship and inspiration. David’s Music House will always be a “Family Friendly” gathering place for anyone who comes to play, but more importantly, comes to listen to others. This is why we have performers of any age or ability play on the same night, to provide that “Experience of Inspiration”.  When a young talent has an opportunity to hear someone older perform, they are inspired.  That inspiration is only increased when the “experienced performer” listens to and applauds the young one.  We hear comments from people who come such as, “I have always wanted to experience how it feels to perform for others.” or “I used to play years ago and sometimes play in my house, but never thought I would play on a stage in front of others, until I discovered David’s Music House”.

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