My Story: How DMH Started

David’s Music House actually started out in my father’s mind, Big Dave. My father passed away 21 years ago and was a car salesman most of his life, but he was always an innovator, before that word was used as much as it is today. When he was 17 and an avid hunter, he also learned how to do taxidermy, which is stuffing game animals for hunters, so they can mount them on display. Being the creative teenager, he went to the local hardware store where most of the area’s hunters purchased their supplies and asked if he could set up a fall, hunting scene in their front window, which they were all too happy to do. He was able to trade his work for supplies of his own and the store had an awesome window display for practically nothing. He filled it with leaves, branches and several animals he had stuffed.

Dad never stopped thinking out of the box and as they say, the acorn never falls far from the tree. I have always been thinking of ways to do things just a bit differently. Over the last 5 years, as I began seriously thinking of something I could do that would fulfill this need to be creative, I searched for some type of business venture. At the same time, I began seriously writing music that had been in my head for quite some time and began learning how to and recording my own music. ( This fulfilled my needs to put my creativity into something physical but it also began my journey of creating my best idea yet, which was to start my own business, something that my Dad had wanted to do all of his life.

I knew it had to involve music, as that was my best talent and what I have done for over 40 years of my life. Gradually, over the last 2 years, the idea for David’s Music House formed, as did my confidence in continuing to do whatever it took to make this dream come true. The timing was exactly right in 2010, after losing my corporate job in 2008 and exploring how and what I needed to learn and experience to start my own business.

It has been an amazing journey and one of the most rewarding experiences of my life to see this dream realized. I see it every time during our Open Mic Nights, when I see a young 10 year old aspiring musician get on our Coffee House Stage after listening to a seasoned and experienced musician perform…all on the same night, in the same room.

Opening David’s Music House, making new friends and bringing the community together to realize that we can all share a common love for something during these very difficult times has made the whole “experience” a highlight of my life.