What’s Happening At ‘da House?

Over a year ago

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As the country and all of us continue to struggle with how to deal with living in this ever-changing pandemic world, allow me to update you on what’s going on at DMH.

Now that summer is winding down and students are returning to school in some way or fashion, DMH is remaining extra cautious in bringing lessons back in-house and has been offering both virtual and in-house music lessons since mid-June.  We are leaving it up to parents, students and teachers to decide if they want to stay virtual or return in-house for face-to-face lessons. The only major restriction that still remains is that we are not bringing wind instruments or voice lessons into the music house yet.  These instruments and singing present a higher risk of spreading the virus droplets due to the nature of blowing or exhaling over longer distances than normal social distancing.  We continue to research possible ways to deal with this issue and will update you as soon as a safe method is created and confirmed.

Because we value everyone’s safety, we have elevated our usual extreme cleaning system of our entire space, taking temperatures, wearing masks and social distancing, as well as purchasing high-end germ shield guards that protect the reception area and provide safety during lessons and stage performance learning as well.

These are extremely unusual and difficult times for every person on the planet, but we will get through this and eventually see this time as a strange and lasting memory.  We have to look beyond this pandemic and realize that we will go back to times of being able to get together in crowds and large events to enjoy the artistic performances we love so much!  

Thank you to all of our wonderful DMH student families and community allies for supporting us over our nearly 10 years.  We stand by our commitment to our mission to foster a learning environment of teaching kindness, confidence and helping others with humility……through the Power of Music.

Love you ALL…Peace…