Start the Holiday Season by Giving Thanks!

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This is the month of Thanksgiving Day and a time to gather family and friends on the day to share great food, love and give thanks for all of our many blessings.

I would like to suggest that we try to extend this celebration of giving thanks throughout the whole month of November. With the commercialism of the holiday season, we are pushed quickly into the Christmas Season with TV movies and commercials, which I admit, I love enjoying the two month span of the holidays, as well. It has turned into one Christmas Holiday barely after Halloween, with a quick stop for great meal to hold us over while we keep preparing for Christmas. I do however, try to raise significance to the month of November separately for giving thanks for so many things we enjoy.

This year, I’d like to highlight giving thanks for our community’s focus on enjoying, learning and supporting the Arts!  Several years ago, when my wife, Anita, and I wanted to choose an area to live that showed growth and was located between where our families were from. After a lot of research, we discovered that in addition to being a good geographical location for our families, the McMurray and Canonsburg areas showed school systems that placed higher value on programs teaching the Arts.  This is always a mark a community as a better place to live and grow with school systems that provide a more well rounded education. If a school system devotes a significant portion of resources and support to their Music and Arts programs, they show how much they care about their students’ overall education.

Anita and I have lived in the Peters Township and Canonsburg areas for over 17 years now and when I created David’s Music House, I knew it would do well in an area that placed high value on learning music.

So I want to mention that further proof of the importance our area places on Music and Arts Education is in the increase of businesses in our community that offer music lessons. This all illustrates the best type of growth of an area – when so many new businesses are crated that offer more music teaching and learning opportunities.

So…David’s Music House would like to give Thanks, with our neighbor music educators, such as Anderson’s Music Academy, Guitar Gallery, J.K. Music, Kathy’s Music, Kindermusik, Pulling Strings Academy, School of Rock, South Hills Music Academy and U Rock Music Center, to mention a few…plus the many private music teachers…for the devotion and support of Music and the Arts Schools and Teachers in the area.

The families of the South Hills area of Pittsburgh, PA are the clear winners because of the abundant places and teachers in our area who all want the very best for the children and future generations of it’s citizens.

As I have often said for over 9 years now, there are thousands of people living in this area that display their love and value placed on academics and for music and the arts and all of these wonderful music education resources are doing our best to offer everything we can to your families and future generations.

The more of us who learn, love and play music..the better our world will always be!

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music”. – Albert Einstein

Thank you to each family of this wonderful area of the South Hills of Pittsburgh, for supporting music business and it’s Teachers

Peace, Love and Music!