Friday Night Concert Series – “Student Moments of Inspiration”

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Cassie Kulesa

In our never-ending effort to “inspire our students”, David’s Music House is going to start featuring a few of our students right before our Friday Night Concert Performances. Each week, we bring in talented artists from the Pittsburgh Downtown Music Scene to the South Hills to perform on our Coffee House Stage. Sometimes, we have musicians, who are touring the country, perform on our stage. This are “special inspirational moments” that are invaluable to of the students within DMH.

The main reason for creating David’s Music House was to create a place of “inspiration”, where parents can bring their children, or themselves for that matter, and not only learn how to play an instrument well, but to perform it in front of an audience and to find a place where students are constantly fed the inspiration that will make them want to practice their instrument and envision themselves on stage, performing and doing what they love! Our Friday Night Concerts are “Moments of Inspiration” and we want to encourage parents to bring their children to listen to these amazing professional performers in our close, intimate “Living Room” setting. I have seen what happens when a young student has watched one of our concerts and then the next night, came and performed on our stage for Open Mic Night and saw the look in their eyes…that student was picturing their self as the performer they were mesmerized by, the night before. The student was seeing that “I can do this too”!

As parents, we are always trying to find ways to have our children follow their dreams or avoid the mistakes that we have done in our lives. We want to make sure they get a great education and that they are confident and good people. We all have heard the recent research and findings about how important music and the arts is to the developing mind. These are the reasons for the existence of David’s Music House. We are here to provide that “inspiration” to further develop their studies in music and any form of “the arts”.

I urge all parents to bring their children and any of our DMH students to come to our Friday Night Concerts to give them that reason to keep going and practice and get better at their craft. Everyone within David’s Music House is here to assist them, support them and provide the tools needed to become whoever they want to be!