Logic Studio’s Plug-ins & Sounds

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Here are some of the AMAZING “REAL” amp sounds you can use in our Apple Logic Studio. Leave your amp home and play your guitar using direct-in, and ¬†you have any amp sound you want. Check out just some of the sounds you can use during your session. Click on the Button links below each amp to hear them.

Amp Designer Classic American Combos

These combos are louder and cleaner than the earlier Tweeds, with tighter lows and restrained distortion. They’re great for a punchy rock tone, vintage R & B, surf, twangy country, and jazz.

Pedalboard Delay

Pour on the vibe with spacey echoes, spring reverbs, and backward delays. Just run your guitar signal through Blue Echo, Spring Box, or Tru-tape Delay and leave your dry signal behind.