A Special Thanks to our DMH Teachers

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As we start to see the light at the end of the very long, dark tunnel of 2020 and we feel the beginning of Spring of 2021, Anita and I have to take a moment to give a HUGE Thank-you to all of our DMH Music Teachers. They have patiently dealt with the same issues we all did, like the isolation of quarantine, being apart from their families and yet they have consistently kept right on teaching all of the DMH students for over a year.¬† While Virtual learning has been a blessing to all of us, we have discovered its positives and negatives. As our country has had to deal with virtual education and it’s many issues, virtual music lessons presented the same struggles and blessings.

We are all fortunate that while not perfect, our technology did provide the ability to continue learning during a most bizarre period of our history. Sure, we have had issues without face to face learning, but imagine  if we had no alternative method.

We are so very grateful for all the parents who supported their children continuing their lessons. Most of our families have told us that their children’s music lessons, throughout the pandemic, gave them some sense of normalcy. Music just provides a mental release and connection to something “fun” during the solitude of having to stay in their homes,¬† away from their friends.

Anita and I are just so blessed to have our wonderful music teachers. Their loyalty and dedication to both the students and DMH insured the music school could continue providing our mission of mentoring students the values of kindness, helping others, gratitude and humility.


Justin Douglas – Piano, Voice

Brian Smith – Guitar, Piano, Recording

Claudia Quintana – Strings, Piano

Rob Browell – Drums, Percussion

Jon Klein – Drums, Percussion, Guitar

Tiffany Meyers – Voice, Piano

Jennifer Light – Brass, Voice, Piano, Ukulele

Dylan Evers – Woodwinds, Piano

Will Brani – Woodwinds, Piano

Sarah Gudbaur – Strings, Piano

Sarah Richards – Voice, Piano

Ulises Ramirez – Brass, Piano

Camilo Jauregui – Drums, Percussion

Mila Shadel – Guitar

Jessica Gulisek – Voice, Piano

Here’s to 2021 and all that it brings in togetherness, love, kindness and let’s keep the Music playing.

Pease and Love,

David and Anita