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DavidChristmas has so many meanings to people. It has indeed become very focused on presents and lights, gathering of friends and family, a continuation of Thanksgiving as one year end holiday season. One thing is at the center of all of this… and that is happiness, peace and love. This is something that all people can share and agree on and is always what we need to keep our focus on during the whole holiday season and really, every day of the year.
The central word for the holiday in the U.S. and many countries around the world is Christmas, as a celebration of the birth of Jesus. While this may be a Christian holiday, the whole season at the end of each year is celebrated in many ways around the globe with the message shared across all people, of a time of peace and love. This is a message we can all agree on.
We need to remember that we must look to our commonality and not continue pointing out our differences in the theme of judgement of others. No matter what religion or non-religion people believe in…the common belief needs to be one of peace and love of all. Humans have been so focused on their differences since the beginning and nothing good has ever come of it. The smaller our world becomes, with advances in technoligy, communication and travel, the more we need a majority agreement that the only way to have a future for humankind is to look to protect and share the things we all need to exist. Basic needs of food, water and air to breath are obvious, but we need to look within ourselves and find ways to stop building walls of separation, but rather build bridges to show support and care for one another. The cost of energy, time, money and lives wasted is just so high that surely, we can see that sharing, nurturing all that we need and that supporting and helping one another is the most logical, spiritual and right thing to do. After all, every relition and respective leaders all speak about the best course for humankind is Peace and Love. Isn’t it time that we put these ideals we celebrate during the holiday season into actual daily practice?
And so Happy Christmas IS a common theme shared by most of us around the world, for both the believers and the non-belivers.
I for one, have found my true path and purpose as a child of GOD. I have never realized more happiness and blessings in my whole life since I just dropped all the questions and chose the course of I BELIEVE GOD CREATED ME AND HAS LED ME ON THE PURPOSE HE CREATED ME FOR. This awakening has given me more love and peace than my mind full of turmoil of over 60 years. But this discovery has also taught me tolerance and love for all human beings. People strike out and hurt others from being confused, hurt and years of dealing with hardships. For the most part, I do not believe people are born and decide to be evil and hurt others. How they continue following paths of greed and evil is the choice that each of us has within us. I choose to look to GOD for peace and love and I hope and pray that others find peace in their lives as well.
There is nothing so sad as a life wasted in hate, fear and evil.
John Lennon, with his gift of songwriting, spoke wise words in many ways, said it all so well in his Christmas song and even as he named it Happy Xmas…he still sang the words “And so this is Christmas…” and the message of War is Over…if we want it.
So Anita and I and our families wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Joyous and Prosperous New Year. (and I can’t believe I’m typing the year…2020!!!)
Peace and Love,