The 54th Grammy Night – “better than most”

Quite a long while ago

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Being the owner of a business called David’s Music House, I feel it “incumbent upon me” to write an article about this year’s 54th Grammy award show. I actually thought it was one of the best I have seen for quite a while. It seemed to have more meaning, friendliness, warmth and more good music. I am not going to make this any kind of a critique of artist performances, of who won what, who did what or WTH was that? :-), but more of a note that I really enjoyed most of the event. I will say that I was totally caught off guard and absolutely blow away with the performance of someone I did not know….Bruno Mars! I just wasn’t aware of the name. I realized I had heard some of the current hits, but that performance at the beginning of the Grammys was to perfect for words! It was a blend of the best sounds of James Brown, Prince and Earth Wind and Fire… me, live music performed at it’s best – real musicians, playing tight, amazing breaks, movement and all brought together by Bruno Mars slick and amazing perfect talent.

I will say that the opening by Bruce Springsteen was truly, gold, as he always is. No one can take a few simple chords, add inspiring lyrics and the perfect build of music to bring everyone to a statement that perfectly shows the POWER that music has in bringing emotions to ultimate heights! Just AWESOME!

It was the music event of this week’s tragic and sudden death of Whitey Houston that brought the usual over the top extravaganza that the Grammys have been in recent years, to a more humble, yet totally inspiring evening of a tribute to not only, perhaps the best vocalist ever, but to all of music itself. That was the reason everyone seemed to be a bit more respectful of all the various musicians and performances of the evening. The spirit and realization that something HUGE was gone from music, made all the genres and generations of music that attended this years Grammy event a “special” one. This year was the most well blended and appreciative gathering of all of the people of the music industry, who seemed to realize that it can all be gone in a moment and that for one night…..ALL of the music… mattered!

The ending, for me, was perfect, with Paul McCartney’s performance of The Beatles, Golden Slumbers – Carry That Weight – The End, with my favorite, meaningful lyrics.. “and in the end… the love you take, is equal to the love….you make”

The winners are posted all over the internet, but if you need, here is a link to the winners.

Why not think of a few songs you heard during this year’s event and put together your unique version and perform it at our next Open Mic Night, Saturday, Feb. 25.

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