Overwhelming “Special Moments” along this journey…

Quite a long while ago

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This week’s Concert Series featured Anthony Rankin, one of Pittsburgh’s finest talents and special people. I have been playing music in the PIttsburgh area for over 40 years and Anthony is one of the finest that has come from this area that I have ever heard and that is not just because of his musical genius. He is a special person of amazing character. This is of equal importance in what makes him a rising star in the area and what will make him become a star of national awareness.

Anthony along with Mark Jovanovich (guitar) and Bill Staley (cajon) gave DMH listeners a night of an unforgettable performance with many acoustic versions of songs he has written over the last 15 or so years. Anthony has a way of adding special subtle breaks and changes to many of his songs that adds a special appreciation to hearing him perform them live. It was great to hear them in our intimate living room coffee house.

Anthony is always a phenomenal supporter of other local talent as well as starting venues such as David’s Music House. He took some time out after this performance to talk to some soon to be heard from, amazingly talented area performers, The Hobbs Sisters, who have performed several times at our open mic nights and will soon be fronting a couple of our upcoming concert performances.

Bringing this kind of talent to the South Hills is what we are striving to do for the area and community. It is with the support of special people such as Anthony and the wonderful people who have discovered the “experience” of David’s Music House that enables us to bring these performers to the community. It is our mission to create a place where everyone who loves music and the arts can come, relax from their stressful lives and enjoy the sharing of a common bond and love of the arts in a friendly atmosphere.

Our heart felt thanks goes out to Anthony, Mark and Bill for making a “special moment” and supporting David’s Music House.