Why Do We Play Music?

david on stageWhy do we play music? We love when we can learn to play or sing and be good at this power of music we are all drawn to. Even people who don’t seem to be particularly into music, don’t buy music or go to see performances, are still drawn to its power in movies, television or even just shopping. Many people want so badly to make music and then when they discover the attention they receive when they are known as music makers, they love becoming aware of their own value.

Often musicians develop an ego of accomplishment if they are especially good at their craft. Many want to be the center of the attention and in the limelight, even when they perform with a group of musicians. This is usually due to immaturity and youth. Even the very talented performer will hear and thus feel the power of the group performance when it comes together. However, many take a long time, if ever, to realize that they are only part of this power.

We play music for what is does to the listener. The listener can be unknown to the music maker. The listener can be any life form, anywhere. Music, in many forms, from rhythm to frequencies and melodic tones has been a form of communication and known as such for a long time, but we know now that it possesses a power to the emotional and physical state of living things. Music can heighten the emotions of anger or sadness or provide great relief of stress and even healing. Music can enhance the well being of life.

The point of all of this is that when we learn to play music, LISTENING is the reason for the playing. Listening is what draws us to music in the first place. It’s why we want to play it. Whatever end result we may want to achieve, whether it be to be the best player or singer, LISTENING becomes the end requirement.

This is WHY we must learn to keep our focus on how we play music. It’s for that life form who the notes and frequencies eventually reach, that the performer may never be aware of. We all want to be accepted and acknowledged for something while we exist as part of the “stuff of the universe”. We are all connected by many things and music is one force that connects us.

This is why I have always brought the message that David’s Music House was created to help everyone find the WHY they are learning about music. It is important that we learn early in the process, and we keep our eyes and ears on WHY we are actually doing this wonderful thing! All of us at David’s Music House are here to insure that DMH students stay on a path of “Inspiration and Exploration of The Power of Music”

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