Why Do I Have To Come To Music Lessons Every Week?

If you find yourself, as a student, or a parent of a student saying this…there is a problem! The Good News is…DMH is here to help!

David’s Music House was born out of a yearning to help people discover the value of music and provide the mentors to lead students on that path. I was inspired by a deep desire to find a way to insure students who are beginning to learn to play an instrument, realize why they need to continue learning. Too often music lessons alone will frustrate and bore students who end up wanting to quit at some point. We have all heard many people say how they wished they had kept up their music lessons as they wished they could play an instrument. What is missing in music education is the “Inspiration” to make the learning experience exciting and provide a reason for the continued lessons.

There are many music teachers who are musicians looking to earn extra money so they find a way to give lessons. This is not to say they don’t care about their students, but often the structure is not there to support the teacher to do everything they can to take that student to their highest potential, before the student ends up losing interest and quitting.

David’s Music House provides that structure….just as a House or Home does, where everything in the house serves a single overall purpose. We each live in a house that provides everything we need to live and learn along the path of life. The house provides shelter, warmth, food, clothing, protection and we learn how to grow and become the persons we are “inspired” to be from the mentoring others in the house provide.

David’s Music House is a House of Music and everything in it exists to teach and provide the “inspiration” for its members to grow in that same way, to be all they desire to be, in music and the arts. Our parents, in our house, are the teachers and mentors. This is THE REASON your choice to become part of our David’s Music House Family will provide the best possible outcome and the development of your child or, in the case of older students, your own music skills! DMH Teachers are not here to give a lesson and send you on your way. I continue to use the word, “Mentor” when I talk about DMH teachers because that is THE ONLY type of teacher we have.

A student’s musical journey at David’s Music House begins in the lesson room, but you will also learn:

How to perform to an audience.

How to keep an audience entertained.

How to perform with and support other musicians.

To understand that the sound of the whole group is more important than each individual performer.

To become experienced on stage by performing many times on stage.

How to take care of and respect your instrument.

How to love ALL types of music, thus learning to be open minded.

How to be proud of your ability and yet humble enough to support others.

How to be organized, practice daily and make sure arriving at your lesson, on time and prepared teaches responsibility, organizational skills and continuously performing better.

WHY you love music and performing it.

Another part of this effort is consistency. To gain the full potential of what any student can achieve, they need to make a commitment to learn, practice and come to each and every lesson. As with any effort, only consistency and continual practice will enable growth and success.

Muscle Growth from constant training

Muscle Loss from lack of training

If someone wants to build body muscle, that muscle growth cannot happen when exercising that muscle occurs randomly, with periods of no training. In this case, you must rebuild muscle tissue from what was lost during the time of no exercise. Someone would likely see this as failure, which leads to giving up and quitting.


Two things show us achievement…1.) remembering the purpose or goal and 2.) never stopping growth to achieve that goal.

When students often miss lessons or take long breaks, they must begin rebuilding what was lost, thus they don’t see themselves getting better and cannot be inspired to continue.

David’s Music House is here for the entire journey of development of anyone, of any age, to ensure that students are not only taught how to play, but WHY and then are asked…”How far do you want to go”? Then as Mentors, our teachers set examples of discipline, practicing, arriving at lesson time and most of all….having FUN!

When you join the DMH Family, we will do everything we can to provide the very BEST “Total Music Experience”.

I want to thank each of you for coming to David’s Music House and for your continual support by spreading the word to the community of what we are doing here.

Peace and Love,



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