What Just Happened…? 10 Years?


This October 10, 2020, DMH is celebrating our 10th Anniversary! It has been quite a journey since that beautiful fall day on October 10, 2010.  We began during our country’s second worst economic depression since the Great Depression of 1929 and celebrating our 10th Anniversary during the world’s worst pandemic …. so yeah … quite a journey indeed!  In spite of all this, this has been the most rewarding experience of our lives with more memories than we can possibly list!

David’s Music House was created with a mission of doing whatever we can to inspire students and families to focus on kindness, confidence, helping others and humility through learning, exploring, performing and loving MUSIC!  We have been blessed by the loyalty of our customers, who chose DMH to ensure music and the arts are a major part of their lives and for that, we are beyond grateful to everyone for staying with us not only during the best of times, but also through the worst of times.  Our DMH student families and DMH Music Teachers have kept David’s Music House growing and continuing for these 10 years.

Even though we will not be celebrating this anniversary as we had envisioned, we will be commemorating this October with prizes, gifts, treats and fun (read the entire newsletter for the scoop!).  

We will continue to teach both virtual and in-house lessons but really-really look forward to getting back to normal with student performances and everyone enjoying our DMH Café once again!  Keeping everyone safe while learning and loving music will always be our top priority.

Again, we send out a huge THANK YOU to all of our loyal DMH families and the entire community for continuing to support David’s Music House.  We wouldn’t be celebrating our 10th anniversary without you!  There is still so much more to do, plan and bring to our mission of doing everything we can to provide “A Total Music Experience”.

Always…Peace and Love

David and Anita

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