The dictionary defines VALUE as “relative merit, worth or importance”.  I want to talk about the TRUE purpose of why I created David’s Music House.  It is my current mission to re-define or clarify what the purpose of David’s Music House is in terms of “VALUE”.

All of us strive at various points in our lives to discover what is our purpose, or “value”, while here on this planet.  When we are younger, we don’t actively think of our purpose so much, but everything we do in our learning, schooling and behaviors are all geared toward, first, what our parents want us to be, and eventually, what we start discovering we want or like to do.  As we age, and realize how our society functions, we know that we have to make choices, even if we don’t seem to be ready, to earn some type of living, to live in a fashion that we are used to or want to have, then, at some point, to provide for our family.  All of this leads us on our path of how we “value” who we are and what we do.

Most often, each of us continues searching for this “value” of why we are here throughout our entire life.  It is more rare that we realize this at an early age, although it does happen. Quite often, some people seem to know this when they are young, but still struggle with exactly how they want to achieve this purpose until that “elder wisdom” makes it clear.

I am one who has always questioned what is my purpose and how can I add value. I may have felt like I was approaching this awareness at various points, even when I began my business venture, but why would creating a small business give me knowledge of my purpose?  In the day to day life of any small business, it is quite difficult to focus on the “big picture” while your struggling to just reach a point where your revenue at least pays the bills.  Over the last few weeks, I have had some enlightening on this as I have heard from a few recently newer friends, that it was my encouragement that made them find or re-awaken their passion for playing and performing music.  It overwhelmed me to hear this and awakened my “real purpose”… to find the music and passion in people and encourage them to give it try, feel it fulfill you when you get on a stage and begin to develop your talent.

I never really thought of how creating this business was having a domino effect on “others”. I have been so wrapped up in the workings of things and how to make it a success and face adversity to continue this wonderful dream, not only for myself, but also for those who have discovered it and became lovers of David’s Music House.

It truly is a unique venue as it is not only for teaching, but also for sharing that passion for music and the arts.  As more and more people in the community become aware of what goes on at David’s Music House, that community ownership or fellowship grows and builds.  This really is the VALUE of David’s Music House!

To that end, we am creating a new face for what is typically thought of as “open mic night”. We are calling it “DMH Unplugged” and they are starting on Wednesday evenings, June 13th, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. This will be something VERY UNIQUE for open performances for area musicians.  This will be more like a membership club for fans of David’s Music House.  Every performer will pay a very small nominal fee of $3 every time they come to DMH Unplugged.  The even BETTER NEWS is that you can pay a $50 for a full year of performing weekly, as often or little as you want…BUT you receive AWESOME discounts for anything at DMH for your membership rewards.  For a full year DMH membership, you get 15% off cafe items, or recording studio time or lessons!  It’s a WIN-WIN solution.  You know that you belong and are showing support for something that you love in David’s Music House and you get tremendous savings.  The fee will offset the music licensing yearly costs that are necessary for everyone to be able to play cover songs.

ALL of us at DMH hope you will enjoy some of the NEW AMAZING CHANGES coming and beginning in June, such as a NEW Band Rehearsal Room, which full sound, mics, drum kit…. MORE “DMH Unplugged” nights, MORE AMAZING CONCERT PERFORMANCES (hopefully every Saturday night) and well as belonging to our “dream” of sharing our love for music and the arts in our neighborhood.

Look for all the NEWS and EVENTS on our website!

Thank you ALL for your continued LOVE and SUPPORT of David’s Music House!