“There’s No Stopping in Music”

In the popular Tom Hanks movie, “A League of Their Own”, Hanks portrays the manager of a women’s baseball team created during World War II who tries to treat the women players with the same hard knock methods as he would with a men’s team. When a player becomes upset at him yelling at her and begins to cry, Hanks says the popular quote from the movie, “There’s no crying in baseball”! I say…. “There’s no stopping in music”!

Why does anyone thing it’s ok to stop taking music lessons over the summer? Learning to play an instrument is something that only develops through continuing and constant instruction and practice. Ever hear the quotation, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?…Practice, Practice, Practice”? Becoming the best you can be at any skill only comes from consistent learning, practice and experience. When the school year ends, this is the BEST time to continue or begin taking private lessons to better your skills. You’ll be that much ahead of the game when you go back to school and music activities the next year.

Exercising, weightlifting, running, losing weight, and basically any endeavor where the goal is to improve and be as good as you can be, can only be achieved by consistent and continuous pursuit of all the aspects that will lead you to that accomplishment. Yet, for some reason, many follow the myth that taking breaks from learning music is perfectly acceptable. That is definitely not the case! Music is a skill that one can only improve by adhering to a schedule of continuous experience.

The power of music is also something that many people do not realize. There has been a ton of evidence recently clearly illustrating how learning and playing music develops all the facets of the brain. There is also an emotional value that music improves within all of us. Relaxing music has been proven to do much to reduce stress, which in turn improves our overall long term health. Music is all around us, even when we do not realize it. We walk through stores and malls where music is specifically played to create a mood of relaxation that will tend to make people shop and spend more. Where would the movie industry be if it were not for the music that enhances the message or mood of a scene? Our world is full of advertising that is enhanced with the specific music that is intended to put us in the perfect mood or emotional state that will most likely make us want to love the product or service being prompted to us.

It is the mission of David’s Music House to insure that everyone is immersed in any and all the ways that will offer a continuation of the pursuit of the love of music and the “WHY” they need to continue learning and experiencing playing, listening and sharing the Power of Music! We don’t only teach how to perform music….we help you KNOW WHY music is awesome. Our music teachers are Music Mentors who collaborate and work together as a team for all our DMH students.

It’s up to you to learn to perform…It’s up to us to make sure you realize your potential and take your LOVE of music as far as you want to.

Thank you for your continued support and for spreading the word about the VALUE of David’s Music House to the community!


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