The Summer of David

david on stageI am officially proclaiming (:-) this to be “The Summer of David”, as of the first day of Summer 2016. On June 21, the first day of Summer Solstice, I was released from the bonds of a season of a crazy series of events that, to this day, completely baffle me! Over the past Winter and Spring, there were many articles in news, of an increase of challenging virus strains in our area. What I have discovered over this time period is that you bounce back from colds and flu much faster when you’re younger….ah….this is not the case when you pass or near the 6th decade of life, as health issues take a lot longer to recuperate from. Healing will come….it just takes longer and more faith that it will pass.

So, without going into all the details, let me describe the unique set of circumstances of health issues I went through in the beginning of 2016. There have been many others who were hit by this strong viral strain this past Winter and Spring that caused a six week period of hard coughing, which lasted longer than the actual virus event itself. During this six week period of coughing, I had a rare issue called “Rectus Hematoma”. (Google it if you want to find out what it is). Basically, this is where a blood vessel in the abdominal area literally breaks or leaks due to the extreme amount of constant coughing. So it started slowly and eventually led to one night, during coughing, I felt something snap or burst in my abdomen that swelled to the size of a softball and caused excruciating pain. I have never experienced calling 911 for an ambulance in my I life, but this night, I knew this was absolutely necessary! Long story shorter, I had emergency surgery a few hours later to drain and clean out this blood mass, which gave immediate pain relief when I came out of surgery. I had to go through the usual surgery recovery period of 4 weeks and thought I’d came out of this nightmare. A mere day after my post operation exam of the surgeon saying all is well and I’m good to go, I began having flu like symptoms that led to finding out the surgery area had abscessed or became infected. This led to another emergency surgery and thus a “better” method of healing, which was to leave the area heal as an “open wound”, which prevents infection as you heal. This did heal with much better results, but required being attached to a “wound vac” (again, Google for definition) for another 4 weeks. All in all, this event of getting a cold and cough, led to more than 3 months or a “season” of illness.

My whole point of telling all of you about this was to illustrate that any of us can come into a period, or season, of time when you may feel like this will never end, why me, I will never be normal, whole or successful again. Although, I often felt that this entire event was taking forever, I never let go of knowing that it would END and I would go back to my mission of what David’s Music House means and leading it into my vision of what it will become in the future. In any endeavor, we face issues, both positive and negative. When you risk beginning a business, or choosing a career path, choosing something from your center of “who you are” or from what area of interest you have always focused on, is the only thing that will keep you finding the strength to continue on after any setbacks that may occur.

This being said, and proclaiming 2016 to be “The Summer of David”, will not shield myself from the times when some rain falls, but it does illustrate that, come what may…David’s Music House will continue on the path of providing the tools and mentoring to the community’s music students and music lovers, that will help make our world just a little bit better.

“You know what music is? God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in this universe…harmonic connection between all living beings, every where, even the stars.” – Robin Williams, “August Rush”

Thank you to all the supporters of David’s Music House.

Peace and Love,