The End of 2013 – Time To Reflect & Refresh

david on stageAGAIN?… Another year has passed and it is hard to believe how incredibly fast each one seems to fly by. This was our third year of David’s Music House and we made it through a HUGE milestone in the life of a start up business, especially in about the worst economic times since The Great Depression! It just proves what I call “The Power Of Music”! Even in the worst of times, music will carry us, support us and provide focus and direction and even serenity.

So, as I do at the end of every year, I pause to reflect on what I have learned and how to put the experience to good use. This year is no exception. I will spend the end of 2013 first, enjoying special time with family and friends, and then coming into 2014 with fresh new ideas and services from David’s Music House for the community of music lovers

One NEW idea has begun to form and that is what I am calling our “Music PLUS Program”. This is actually a spinoff of our Music Therapy service. Music has so much POWER to influence and affect our emotions and lives. There is a lot of scientific data now to illustrate how music can affect our well being, emotionally and physically. Our Music PLUS Program will provide LIFE BENEFITS such as STRESS RELIEF, IMPROVE INTELLIGENCE AND MEMORY. This program will be launched in the first quarter of 2014 in various phases. The first being Music Therapy. We will have several events over the next  few months to raise awareness and knowledge of what Music Therapy can do for anyone. Music Therapy is not just something clinical that uses music to help with a problem. It is rather a way to use music to improve social interaction and well being of anyone and there is no need to actually know how to play music. That’s the amazing thing abut music. You don’t have to know how to play music to enjoy the benefits.

I also have a story of great Inspiration that occurred this month. One of our adult students who decided to learn how to play the guitar is also a professional in the medical field. He asked if we could provide a method for him to sponsor a young gifted student to who perhaps can not afford to pay for music lessons. What an absolutely AWESOME heartfelt way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. This also is inspiring me to find a way to offer such a Sponsorship Program through David’s Music House in 2014 so that other community members can sponsor other gifted young aspiring musicians to be able to realize their musical dream.

Stories like this and many others have been presented to me on my journey to make this world a better place….through The Power Of Music!

As always, I have to thank each and every one of you reading this article, for supporting David’s Music House and it’s mission to do everything we can to bring more music into this world….. and that’s always a good thing!

Please have a safe, happy and the most wonderful Christmas and New Year Holiday season.

Warm Regards,

David – President of David’s Music House, Inc.

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