Team DMH – Walking for Alzheimer’s


Team DMH is going to be raising funds for support and research for the Alzheimer’s Association again this year. Last year, David’s Music House raised $1,000 from friends and the Grand Opening Event. We are raising our goal to a lofty $2,000 for 2011. Anyone who wants to be on Team DMH can join by going to “CLICK HERE

I became involved with Alzheimer’s Disease about 5 years ago as our family noticed my mother, Hannah, beginning to forget things and act confused. She would stop in mid sentence and search for a word she wanted to use. We all thought it was just normal behavior of someone almost 90 years of age. It wasn’t. It was the “Silent Epidemic” of our time. Silent because we all just think it’s normal to begin to forget things when we get very old. Alzheimer’s is going to be the most crippling disease of our times as the Baby Boomer Generation, the largest age segment of our population, grows older. This country will feel the heavy burden on its economy and the families will feel the tragedy and sadness that it brings.

My mother lived her last 5 years in a state of being perfectly healthy of body, but feeling the nightmare of feeling her mind slip away. I’m sure she was quite aware many times of what was going on, seeing that she was living in a old age home with other victims of age related illnesses, being terrified but actually getting some relief from the fear as her mind slipped into the fog once again.

Join our team to walk a short walk in Peterswood Park this September 24 for a few hours in the morning or contribute to the funding and raising the public awareness of this disease.

There will be more events to raise funds this summer. So please become an advocate for this cause. Team DMH thanks you for your support and advocacy of the Alzheimer’s Association. Read as much as you can and tell your local politicians to fund the support and research to treat and cure Alzheimer’s.

Thank you!


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