Teachers…Who Needs ‘Em?

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Some people may ask:  Why do I need a teacher when I can learn to do it on my own? Why do I need a teacher to show me what they do, to be like them and to mirror them?

Teachers do so much more than show us how to do something that we don’t know how to do.  Teachers open a world of discovery, through examples of behavior…they mentor us through aspiration and inspiration.  It is their example which provides the connection that becomes a bond between teacher and student.  This bond allows the learning process to actually work, and awakens the student to focus and want to learn.

David’s Music House was created with one main purpose…to carry out a mission of making the world we live in just a bit better off than it was, and to provide an atmosphere where people can get away from all the things that add stress and negativity.

I have found in my life, that music always gave me my place of peace and confidence.  Music, unlike any other means of communication, speaks to all forms of life.  The arts connect with us and speak deep within our very soul of what we feel and wish to be.  The people who are the truest communicators of this connection, are our teachers.

David’s Music House provides an atmosphere of a home, where parents can park their car easily, sit in a place of calmness, have a warm cup of coffee or tea, perhaps a small snack to satisfy a craving, while they wait for their child (or themselves) to discover all the amazing benefits that music can provide.

As a parent who wanted my children to discover the power of music, it was difficult to find a place that provided this type of environment.  Since October 10, 2010, David’s Music House has been here to do just that, and we will continue and insure that we are providing a HOME of learning the true power of music.

So the answer to the title of this article is YES…INDEED…WE NEED TEACHERS!

  • Teachers who don’t forget the spark that made them first want to become a teacher….
  • Teachers who remind themselves that there is something much larger going on in what they do…
  • Teachers who continue to awaken a student’s awareness of WHY they need to practice and keep coming to their weekly lessons…
  • Teachers who mentor through example, a behavior of community and support of one another.

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“I guarantee that music teachers at David’s Music House will always provide more than instruction. Our DMH Teaching Team will always provide the BEST and Total Music Experience to all of our students” – David

Peace and Love to your all.


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