Stay Positive…Stay On Course…No Matter What Comes…

david on stageAs we go through life, it is only natural and human to allow disappointment or failures or just things that impact us in negative way, to become the focus of all of our thoughts. The mind will always bombard our thoughts with “why did this have to happen to me?”, “Why can’t I ever seem to do anything right?”, “Why do I always fail at everything I try?” Believe me, I have had my share of these thoughts throughout my life. It seems to take such effort to focus our minds on positive thoughts, but it is really a matter of retraining ourselves to stay positive. This may be due to generations being taught to be humble and not self centered. There is also evidence that our brains are actually hard-wired to focus on negative thoughts as a defense mechanism. The data shows that areas of the brain will expend most of it’s energy on the negative thoughts to the degree that other areas lessen or stop completely to give the primary focus on the negative or possible threat, for survival purposes. What I have learned in the last 5 years or so is that thinking negative always gives the exact same in result – negativity.

We need to reprogram our brains to say “STOP”, when we start thinking anything negative and find any thought, as quickly as we can, about something good or that makes us smile. Even if you can’t think of something, physically make yourself smile! This is something that will take a good deal of time to be able to do. Many of us have been allowing ourselves to think negatively for many, many years, so to think this habit is going to change over a few weeks or months, is quite unreasonable! The key is to START NOW! Start snapping yourself out of being angry in traffic, or saying negative things about people, even when you are alone. Make a list of positive thoughts or goals you want to achieve and say them aloud to yourself every morning and night. There are studies that show that verbally speaking out loud has longer lasting effects on your brain than merely thinking good thoughts.

Learning new things can be a challenge but also very rewarding, such as learning to play an instrument or to sing, at any age. Music is one way to steer your mind and behavior to positive thinking. This is why we are brining Music Therapy as part of our Music Plus Program throughout the year at DMH. Music continues to improve our lives in so many ways and David’s Music House exists for the single purpose of making the world a better place, though Music, one lesson at a time.

Thanks to all the community for your continued support and love that you show all of us and for becoming part of the DMH Family.

Here is a video to show all the LOVE we all share with all of you.