She Gets It! – “A Total Music Experience”

A few days ago, we had a woman come in and asked about lessons for her daughter. She had heard about David’s Music House from a friend and that we had music lessons. When she took a tour and learned all we have to offer, she was totally in love with DMH!

When we have someone new come in, we try to tell them what makes DMH unique when compared to other places that have music lessons. We are not just about selling instruments or providing lessons. David’s Music House has always been about providing as much mentoring, support, teaching and resources as we can to take someone from beginning to learn an instrument, to listening and being inspired by our professional concert performances, getting on the stage and feeling what it’s like to perform before an small audience, how to be entertaining, how to learn to improvise, or jam, with other musicians, how to learn what a recording studio is, how to record your music and how to market and promote yourself if you choose to become an independent professional musician.

We are still more than that, as we bring dance, poetry, storytelling, local artists, book reading, folk music social gatherings, jam sessions….the list goes on and on.

David’s Music House is “A Total Music Experience”!

We want to provide a friendly “Big Living Room” with great coffees, teas and homemade pastries for everyone in the community to share and enjoy their common bond of love for music and the arts.

It was really great to see this woman tell us this, before we actually started telling her what David’s Music House is all about. She clearly “Got IT”!

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