Saturday Night is Open Mic Night!

We have just passed our first 4 weeks of being open and have had an Open Mic night every Saturday. Each week we have seen the word spread throughout the music community as more new artists have been arriving each week, bringing new talents and genres of music to our Coffee House Stage.

As a musician myself, of over 40 years in the Pittsburgh area, I have to say that I am overwhelmed by hosting these open mic nights. The local talent is amazing and the warmth and sharing of support and love of this network of artists, through their songs, voice and talent and bringing it all together in one room on one night is really something to see and share.

So…if you play an instrument, have a vocal group or band, come on a Saturday Open Mic Night, from 7 – 11PM and take your turn playing and sharing music with your fellow local artists. The only requirements are that it is acoustic (in other words, we’re not an auditorium…so think small acoustic room, unplugged) and family oriented. We have people who come to enjoy open mic night from the ages of 5 to ???, so we expect everyone to be mindful of this and supportive of ALL the performances!

David’s Music House is all about sharing and supporting our fellow artists, in a positive way.

Here are a couple examples of our previous open mic artists:

We have to give a HUGE THANKS to all of the artists who have come and continued to play and support the growth of the DMH love of music and the arts in the community!

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