Proof of The Power of Music

david on stageStill need more convincing that music lessons are one of the very best ways of having a happy, healthy and successful life? Well, there are more and more science based findings and publishing all the time that offer more evidence that taking music lessons at any age, but especially from the earliest age, benefits the physical human brain for early and long-term health and happiness. I recently posted on the David’s Music House Facebook page an excellent article from about more recent research findings about just such benefits. Since we are often inundated with information, I thought I would make this month’s blog entry about the subject.

This research illustrates how learning music is the only activity that changes the human brain for the better due to its ability to connect with human emotions. Unlike other activities that do benefit the body (or also damage the body) this study finds that even activities such as reading, word puzzles and other activities that are boasted to benefit the brain and stave off memory loss and other mental issues, the study shows that these actions have no scientific proof that they cause better brain health. Only MUSIC has shown science based data that it increases areas of the physical brain that control intelligence, memory and overall improved brain health! These are bold statements but based on scientific research, so I encourage you to read the article from the link above. I do offer a great example that received national attention over the last several years…and that was how Glen Campbell announced he was dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease. While he clearly showed his declining memory during interviews, he performed a long finale tour and while he performed, he was as great as ever playing the guitar and singing the lyrics of his songs. While he did have the song lyrics displaying on teleprompters, he most often didn’t need to read them constantly. The music he had performed for so many years was ingrained in his memory and it was hardly discernible that he was a current victim of Alzheimer’s Disease.


For DMH news, the South Hills Community continues to hear the good word and comments about what we do at ‘da House that goes far beyond instructing how to play instruments or sing. It is our mission to ensure that everyone in the community has a Family Friendly place to come and Learn, Develop, Explore, and be INSPIRED by The Power of Music! Music is the universal language that binds all of us. Music goes far beyond sound as it affects our deepest emotions and even our physical health.  Music also communicates to plant and animal life to enhance and enrich all life on our planet. Music is the great denominator that connects everything. It affects us even when we are not aware of it. There is nothing that we can do that has more potential and value than to listen, explore and play music. It can heal when science can not in both physical and spiritual ways.

THIS is why I created David’s Music House….as it is my firm belief that the more time we spend learning and listening to all forms of music, the more we will understand and appreciate how we are all connected and thus find how to live and help each other live in happiness and peace with one another.

These are high ideals, for sure, but never-the-less, real and attainable goals, if we help each other discover “The Power of MUSIC”.

I give thanks each and every day to each one of you who come to discover music with us at David’s Music House. We all benefit together, in the end.

Peace and Love,



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