Practice…Practice…Practice…Yep, That’s How

You’ve may heard the expression, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.” These are not just words. That is the truth! Music is a amazing skill to learn and has tremendous mental and physical benefits to both the performer and the listener, but there is no way around the fact that you are not going to gain the skill to play an instrument or to sing without spending a good deal of time, over the days, months and years, practicing. This is the hardest part of learning music. Practicing is not a punishment to endure, but a necessary part of improving. Everyone knows that to become a athlete, the daily grind of training, over a long period of time is a requirement. The same is true of any skill. Improvement will not happen if the time is not spent every day, doing the repetitive tasks that allow the body and mind to become skilled at the endeavor. So the motivation for practicing has to be how much does one want to be proficient at a chosen skill. This is why, at David’s Music House, teachers will integrate the reason, or the “Why am I learning this instrument in the first place”, into their mentoring of our students. Without knowing WHY you want to do something, there is no motivation or drive to achieve success.

I started taking electric organ lessons at the age of 13, and my teacher knew when I didn’t practice during the week. I thought I could fool her and practice a lot the day of my lesson, but of course, I never fooled her. Parental involvement and strictness is absolutely necessary to insure their children succeed in whatever they attempt. When school requires homework, many children will try almost anything to avoid doing the work. Parents know to take the responsibility to insist that their children sit down and do the homework and if necessary, sit down with them to make sure it gets done. The same applies to music lessons. I knew that I could not quit music lessons because my Dad wouldn’t hear of it. Only when I became about 17 years old and graduated high school, did I feel that I could stop taking lessons. I know now, that was a mistake. Just as parents have to take active roles in supporting academic learning, the same is required of music lessons.
Unfortunately, often it is the case that music and the arts have never had the proper support of our educational systems and are treated as extra curricular activities. More recently, Music and the Arts are now being pushed by many to become CORE subjects. The research has shown that the Arts actually improve a student’s mental capacity, learning skills and accomplishments throughout all the academic years and the rest of their lives.
One of the main reasons I created David’s Music House was my deep passion to do everything we can, to keep a student learning and try to prevent students quitting. I have been telling parents and teachers since our school opened in 2010, that we are going to do things differently here at David’s Music House. Teachers do not simply rent space and give instructions. David’s Music House is not a store that sells music instruments or music equipment. We are a private music school and everyone at DMH is dedicated to the same goals and mission, which is to do everything we can think of to not only provide an excellent learning experience, but to mentor students by example.
I personally have two main goals of what I want David’s Music House to do:
1. Provide an atmosphere that celebrates and fosters love and appreciation of music and the arts and instilling that same passion in our students, through inspiration and mentoring.
2. Instilling a fundamental characteristic of support and humility in our students, that will enable them to not only support other musicians but also people they deal with in all facets of their lives.
I love what I do more than anything I have ever done. One thing saddens me and that is to see any student quit music or to see parents punish their children by stopping their learning as a punishment for not practicing enough. My highest objective is to insure that everyone connected with David’s Music House is doing everything we can think of to prevent a student from quitting. When anyone stops playing music….everyone of us loses.

“I’ve never known a musician who regretted being one.” – Virgil Thomson

“I have heard many people say they regretted not being one.” – David

Thank each of you for your constant support of what we do.

Peace & Love,


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