Patience…This Is Going To Take A While

We’re over the half year mark of 2021…a year of change, gratefulness and celebration.  It’s hard to put into words, just how good it feels to be able to do things again. It’s hard to call it “normal” because what is normal after all? I prefer to say “post-pandemic” as we begin to go out to restaurants, events, shake hands and hug each other once again. Our family started eating inside restaurants again in the month of June and are planning our family vacation this year, which we postponed in 2020. As I sat in a restaurant that very first “post-pandemic” time, I observed that everyone was acting like nothing ever happened the previous year. Everything looked and sounded like there never was a pandemic, but I felt quite strange because my mind was reminding me that just a few months ago, none of us could or would get together like this. This renewed freedom is going to take some getting used to!

At DMH, we were happy to fully open, and starting this month, we no longer require people to wear face masks.  Of course we are sensitive to the fact that some people may still want to be cautious and wear them, which is certainly fine with us. It is such a joy to see those smiling faces once again that were hidden behind masks! 

My biggest wish and prayer is that we hold onto the value of the human touch, the visible site of smiling faces and the knowledge of how quickly we can lose everything that makes this life worth living. I pray that we do NOT go back to what we call “normal” or everything that was pre-pandemic, but rather, take all we experienced over that last year and a half as lessons learned and live each day going forward, as if it were our last day. How would you want to live your last day…angry, worried, depressed…or making sure you are letting everyone around us know and feel the love and kindness that WE truly want to feel ourselves?

Thank you everyone for your continuing love and support of David’s Music House and what we do!  Music does and always will carry us through difficult times and it certainly has done so this last year and a half!

Peace and Love,


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