Over the River and Through the Woods…

As we begin the month of November and reflect on how fast 2018 has seemed to sail along so far, it’s important that we slow down a bit right now, before the hectic time of shopping, planning and arrange travel plans for Thanksgiving, to make sure we stop and really take note of all the incredible blessings we have in our every day lives. We all need at least one special day to give thanks, especially to be thankful for loved ones around us and in our memories.

The end of the year holiday season from November through December seems to hold our fondest memories, though for many, this time of the year can be lonely or even desperate, if loved ones are no longer physically with them. But it’s important that we take this time to remember the good things and the joyful moments that we experience throughout our lives. This is what is most important…to spend the majority of our time on Earth, enjoying love, friendship, laughter and kindness to each other. These will become the memories of our future generations.

Thanksgiving also makes us to think of past holidays, when we were all younger and the core of the family was together. This is a great time to get out the pictures of the family and share stories with our youngest family members. When I was very young, I always loved listening to stories from older family members. I can still remember that I wouldn’t go outside and play with my cousins during the visit to Grama’s house. I would stay at the dinning table during the after dinner coffee and desert time because I loved hearing their stories about times of their youth. They were funny, colorful, everyone laughing to tears, wonderful stories that made me want to be inside their stories. Yes, even the normal dysfunctional family situations seem to become diminished, ignored or resolved during this family gathering holiday. The house where the turkey is prepared was the place to wake up to that heavenly aroma of cooking that only Thanksgiving can produce.

I am very aware that I was fortunate to have been born who I was and where I was, and to enjoy the abundance of food, shelter and memories. I have old family photos of my Dad’s dinning room display of food. He set up this display of fruit, berries, nuts, crackers, cheeses and anything else he could think of. Of course he managed an A&P grocery store at the time, which obviously helped. My Dad was always ready to set up a display of anything.

May you all take time out this November 22 and give thanks for all the blessings you have and enjoy the day with family and friends.

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