October 10, 2010 – October 10, 2019 – NINE YEARS!!

david on stage

That’s right folks…David’s Music House celebrates hitting the 9 year mark. Nine years of amazement, music, smiles, learning, tweaking, mentoring, performances by students, performances by artists, performances by teachers, performances by David and we are just getting started!!! Trust me…there is soooooo much more to come in the journey of one man’s small dream that became a life changing event of everyone who has ever entered the doors of DMH!!!

I still am at a loss for words when I pass Waterdam Plaza and see that beautiful House Logo sign light up and I think…how did I get here? A passion to make people a bit kinder, more helpful and to give thanks for the Gifts that GOD has given me over my life, have led every step of the way and I am just gaining my pace of knowing where this all leads to.

I have said this many times, but although DMH is a business and has to run like a business, I have never thought of what I am doing as merely running a business. Sure, in practicality, I follow business practices, but my drive is passionate and emotional. Much like the first “Blues Brothers” movie, but I find that I am truly “on a mission from GOD”. Every personal and professional experience of my life has led to the creation and success of David’s Music House. When I say “the lesson room is only the FIRST step”, this is not just a good marketing slogan. It is a REALITY! Music is actually a tool that I know can lead to my real mission. Beyond the “lesson room”, we can mentor and inspire young students to learn some CORE human habits, such as Confidence, Courage, Thankfulness, Responsibility, Caring, Listening, Serving and Humility. THIS is why I never check on competition. The truth is there are plenty of people who want to learn about music, even just in our general community. As my purpose is to do all that I can to do more than provide music lessons and this purpose is derived from my own personal life experiences, there is just no way anyone can copy that. Even if someone tried to emulate things we do at DMH, since the drive of WHY and HOW comes from me, no one could continue initation without living my life. Only my personal experiences of over 60 years is instilled into the things we do at DMH.

Don’t just take me at these words. Walk into David’s Music House and you’ll immediately see that HALF of the space of our school is geared toward providing the most amazing waiting room experience that you will not see at any other music school. This large space also just happens to provide the BEST learning “how to perform” experience you will find in any other school. Other owners who start a music school, simply WILL NOT spend the dollars and floor space that they “think” is not providing revenue to the business.

Literally ONE HALF of the space I rent in a well known community is there for ONE HALF of what DMH does….I CARE about the parents who commit their dollars and time to have their children learn music. I’m not saying that other businesses don’t care about parents. I am saying they don’t care to the point of giving up HALF of their rented space for the comfort of the parents. AND because of our front Coffee House space, it provide a natural Performance Learning experience. We don’t have to take students somewhere to perform…once in a while. They are given the opportunity to perform anytime on our stage and not just play music…but learn HOW TO PERFORM, by speaking, looking at the audience, engage an audience and most importantly…Thank the audience.

All of these things will continue providing the best possible “Total Music Experience” and also “A Total Life Lesson Experience”. The more music schools that are started and become successful, only provides more beauty of the Arts and humanity to all of us…and THAT…IS A GOOD THING!

As always, I thank each and every one of you who come to David’s Music House. We will ALWAYS do as much as we can to do more than provide music learning. We want students to discover WHY they love music and feel the power of music.

ON WE GO….TO NUMBER “10”!!! See you all there!

Peace and Love,


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