New for Fall – Group Lessons!

We’ve been very busy adding new teachers to keep up with the demand of incoming students and we are so excited to be adding some fabulous NEW Group Lessons beginning this September. Although group lessons do not provide that one on one attention of private lessons, they are a very beneficial because the introduce students to performing with other musicians and are a more affordable method if private lessons are not an option for large families. Give us a call to sign up – 724-941-9200

Here are the NEW Sessions:

Beginner Guitar: Mondays 7:30pm-8:30pm
Junior Jamboree: Mondays 1:30pm-2:30pm
Songwriting: Saturdays at 12:00pm-1:00pm
Music Theory: Wednesdays 7:30pm-8:30pm
Audio Training: Saturday 11:00am-noon
Beginner Voice: Tuesday 7:00pm-8:00pm

Class Descriptions

• Beginner Guitar – This class is designed for students who have a guitar, but have no formal training on this instrument. It is open to students ages 8-18. The class will first focus on the parts of the guitar, some history of the instrument, and then basic playing styles and uses of the guitar. In the following weeks students will learn how to play chords, which are the most popular way of using the guitar, and then learn how to play songs in a group and independently. Each student will have the opportunity to perform a song at the end of the class independently, or perform as a group.

• Songwriting – This class is for the musician who has played other people’s music, but has not yet created something themselves. Musicians who have already written songs and need more inspiration or a different outlook to spark their writers block are welcome as well. Student should already know how to play an instrument and be able to follow basic musical instruction as an individual.

• Music Theory I – Music Theory is the underlying language of music. When you understand what is going on within the mechanics of music, you can understand and manipulate it in ways never imagined before. This class is designed for students who are curious about how music works, students who are preparing for a collegiate career in music and need to brush up on their skills, or for musicians who need to dig deeper within the roots of their knowledge of music to find inspiration or better understand music from another musical activity. Singers and instrumentalists alike, we all need to know theory. Get your head start here!

• Beginner Voice – This class is for students who have never taken lessons, or who have taken a minimal amount of lessons focusing on the vocal instrument. Student will first learn about the different kinds of voices, and how each are used within different genres of music. Student will learn how to breathe properly, how to carry their voice with a proper breath, and how to make their voices sound full and rich with specific vocal techniques. This class is open to students 8-18. This class will be full of fun with silly improvisation activities and fun wacky vocal warm-ups. Ever sing with your tongue sticking out? You will here!

• Junior Jamboree – This class is for potty-trained students aged 3-5 years old. Parent accompaniment is not necessary for this hour long class chuck full of stories, rhymes, silly dances, wacky games, and lots of musical educational FUN! Students will sing, play hand instruments, acts out songs and stories, and enjoy themselves while laying the ground for a lifetime of enjoying music and language.

• Audio Training – Students aged 10-18 will enjoy learning about all the hard work backstage to make performers look and sound so good. Students will learn how to set up and tear down a basic stage set-up for live music, microphone set-up and handling, cabling and connections, how to run a sound board, and how to record using different types of software. Students will be using hi-tech audio tracking systems to record and mix musicians and will also have the opportunity to RUN the sound for a live musical performance. A totally UNIQUE class you won’t find anywhere else!

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