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I want to write this month about something many of you may not know about me and the future of David’s Music House. The truth is that I never looked at what I’m doing as starting some business for financial success as a primary goal. When I started actually talking to people about starting a business, I was advised to look for a  small space for a small amount of rent and to learn and focus on financial data, for better chances of success. To many advisors, I would say…”my purpose is NOT to make money, but that I’m following a deep soulful purpose that is driving me.” The advisors would look at me in shock and tell me that I can’t be successful with only a strong emotional purpose. Well, I understood what they meant and that they were only looking out for me to succeed. However, I knew that my purpose was the ONLY thing that would bring success.  This purpose is what has always given me strength to do things and face challenges that I would have never thought I could overcome in my past. With this purpose, it was like other forces were literally driving me to do things I didn’t know I had the ability or strength to do!

When I speak of my vision, some of you may know that I am dealing with Glaucoma issues that cause my vision to be very blurry and hard to see. I have had Glaucoma for over 25 years and it has been kept managed for most of that time with medications but in the last 2 years has effected my vision to the point where I can no longer drive a car. I can see, but not clearly enough to be safely driving or to be able to see people’s faces clearly. This is why I may walk past you at DMH and I just smile. I don’t know who you are, unless I recognize your voice or Anita tells me who it is. In spite of my vision issues, my purpose of creating my ultimate Vision of David’s Music House, has not dismissed, in fact it has never been stronger.

When I speak here of My Vision, I am speaking about where I plan on taking DMH in the future. As wonderful and amazing as DMH is right now, the Vision of what I see DMH ultimately becoming has been playing over and over in my heart and mind for a long time. I want to reveal and proclaim to you all, what I see as the future of David’s Music House in the not too distant future. All of the pieces of things I have tried since opening DMH on 10.10.2010 will all come together in a spectacular new version of DMH…you could call it DMH 2.0. Without explaining every detail that DMH 2.0 will offer, let me say that it will be beyond not only your imagination but beyond even my own imagination. It will be a place for families to learn, enjoy, explore, create and relax, but with the undeniable same purpose that DMH always has stood for…offering people a place to learn how to create, perform, display and enjoy discovering what music and the arts can do to build confidence, kindness and helping others with humility.

The most important thing I have learned from my life experiences so far is that when you discover a true purpose that is so strong, deep inside, the only thing that can stop it from happening is yourself. All I need do is think about my past to see the amazing and overwhelming blessings that have happened for me.  In spite of a life of thinking I couldn’t do anything…I can do whatever I need to do…as long as it has a good purpose and is GOD’s plan for my life.

With this business, I have never bothered to think about competition, how others do things, whether people who seemed to be for me, would turn against me, when people have thought or told me…you can’t do that, that’s too much, that’s too crazy. I have learned to also never listen to voices in my own mind that would tell me, you have never done that, you don’t know how to do that, you always fail, you’re too weak…etc. I listen to the “still small voice” that is always telling me, “you know that the dream and purpose that GOD created you for and has now been revealed to you, will happen.

I will say, I don’t know how long, or when or exactly how I will even make DMH 2.0 happen but I do know that GOD has not brought me this far, through so many obstacles only to stop the Vision that He placed in me! I will continue to update you all when beginning steps occur.

This is why I always end with how incredibly grateful I am, every day for all of you supporting, continuing to come and for spreading the word about what we do at David’s Music House. I thank each of you from the very bottom of my heart.

Always…Peace and Love,



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