Music Education Should Be A CORE Subject

david on stageSo…I keep on writing and talking and thinking and dreaming and talking……yadayadayada…. about Why I created David’s Music House. Well, that isn’t about to stop any time soon.

I read article after article about research and evidence being confirmed every day about the Power of Music. I will spend many more hours, days and weeks raising awareness of the VALUE of Music Education.

Our public and even most private school systems focus so hard on what they deem as CORE or important subjects. What boggles my mind is the trivial importance most educational systems place on Music and the Arts. This issue is actually become worse as recently “someone” decreed a huge push to concentrate on taking test and even learning how to take tests, as “they” strive to raise test scores because of comparisons to other areas and countries because our county is falling behind in these comparisons. Yet, so many new innovative ideas are coming from students who were so called, “failures of our education system”. This mindless effort is driving a bad educational system deep into a bottomless abyss which will make it even more difficult to remedy and in the end will not improve who these students become.

The issue in our schools is that the focus is being placed on the systems, tests and results instead of the PERSON and their potential to create and innovate and to find solutions of the world’s major problems…for the benefit of everyone!

Music and Art Education directly relates to the development of the SELF, the individual and the potential of each person. Placing Music and Art education at the center of the CORE of learning will give students potential and power to be whoever they want and to do whatever they desire. This will become how they work and learn at everything else. In addition to this Power of the Self, Music Education actually develops our brains. This is shown in research studies more and more, all the time. Physical changes occur to the brain when exposed to Music.

What we all do at David’s Music House is EVERYTHING and ANYTHING we can think of to provide an environment where students are exposed to all things Music. I never felt a reason or purpose in my early school years to what was being taught, and that was in the 1960’s. Music is what turned on the lights in my brain, because it connected with me, as a person. Music gave me a pathway to connect socially with others and to find my own self worth. This is always going on, giving young students real purpose and a way to find what they can really do in all things in life. Watch this video of a great example of this:

Video Published on Apr 27, 2015 – The San Diego Youth Symphony’s Community Opus Project, one of many music education programs sponsored by The NAMM Foundation, helps to introduce at-risk youth to the benefits of music making. Seventh grader Bruno Bello shares how this El Sistema-inspired program has changed his life…and they way he sees his future. Bruno has been a student since 2010.

David’s Music House is here to CHANGE and raise awareness of the VALUE of Music Education and in doing so, we will take one student at a time,  one day at a time, one month at a time and year after year, until we can CHANGE how Music Education is VALUED and brought to becoming the foundation of all learning.

“I refuse to limit my imagination of the impact that my passion can make Music a higher valued part of everyone’s lives. If I believe I can change the world…..I CAN!” – David Lindberg

Peace & Love…


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