More Students = More Teachers

Believe it or not, even though we actually have about two months of warm weather coming, Summer seems to be flying by! It’s August and advertisements are already talking people into looking for back to school deals. Back to school also meansĀ an increase of families planning their schedules and looking for the best place for music education….and “All signs point to David’s Music House!” We are already seeing a HUGE increase of free consultations for our Fall semester. To prepare for this, we areĀ hiring new teachers to join our DMH Team of Music Mentors.

Kelsey Backstrom – Woodwinds & Beginning Piano Teacher

Woodwinds, Brass, Beginning Piano Teacher

Emily Cook – Woodwinds, Brass, Beginning Piano Teacher

Check out our Music Lessons webpage for all of our teacher Bios. We have an extensive screening process and detailed orientation that all of our teachers go through to not only ensure you are being taught by degreed and talented teachers but also that DMH Teachers do things the DMH WAY! Our teachers work together as a team to ensure that you are getting the “Total Music Experience”, which is a philosophy of “the lesson room is only the beginning” and that there is so much more to teaching than instructing someone how to do something. We all work to provide the reason WHY a student learns and needs to understand the value of the Power of Music.

Our team of teachers are always coming up with creative programs, workshops and methods for The Total Music Experience, like Chorus, Ensembles, Mandolin Group, and Recording Workshops and Lessons. At DMH, teachers are not left alone to come and go, merely giving instructions on how to play an instrument. At David’s Music House, teachers are free to think “out of the box” and come up with innovative methods and processes to INSPIRE students to discover how far the Power of Music can take you.

We have a HUGE CONCERT this month. Coming back to DMH is the Hillary Reynolds Band on August 16. Hillary Reynolds BandCheck our Event Calendar for more details. These concerts provide great entertainment for the community but our main reason is to have our music students come and hear, meet and talk to the performers. They can ask things like, “What’s it like to tour and play your own music?” This is the KEY to discovering WHY they need to practice more and learn how to perform with other musicians.

We will continue bringing occasional music events to our Coffee House and seek out unique teachers who can learn that “The music lesson is only the beginning.”

Thanks for choosing us, supporting us and spreading the good works we are doing here at David’s Music House.



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