Late Night Recording Sessions

Some of the most amazing and legandary music recorded was done late in the night. Many musicians find they are most creative at night. David’s Music House now offers weeknight after hours recording sessions.

One amazing Pittsburgh musician, Anthony Seaman, is recording his current project here, at the DMH Studio. Anthony is a talented musician who plays many instruments. He is an expert drummer, as well as guitar and bass player and vocalist and found it more convenient to use our “late night” recording times.  David’s Music House closes at 9pm on weekdays, so Anthony came in around 8:30pm to get set up and prepared.

Anthony is laying down some blazing drum tracks and using Logic’s Guitar Designer plug-ins to add some guitar parts. He is also doing his own vocals. Look forward to more future news about the release date of his album.

Here are some session pics. Coming soon will be some example clips of some of the talented artists who have recorded in our studio.

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