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David b&wIf I’ve learned one thing about starting your own business, it’s that you always have to bring yourself back to center focus on WHY you are doing this in the first place. Often, the purpose is to start something that will be successful, new, innovative, and monetarily rewarding. While these are all part of starting a business, they will not keep things moving toward real fulfillment.

During my last 5 or so years before my 22 year corporate job ended, I began thinking, there has to be a better way….a better purpose…something that “I” could do differently. I began exploring a few franchise ideas. I quickly discovered that many franchises have one single purpose and that is providing income to who was selling the franchise. I knew whatever I did, it had to be centered on something that was “me” and on something that had been at the center of fulfillment, most of my life…and that was music.

I must confess that what is David’s Music House…. was not in my mind from the start. I really only knew how I felt inside and that my creativity could come up with something different. I have ALWAYS been about doing things or looking at things from other viewpoints and other ways. As I explored resources about starting a business, I began doing the basics. I took a course “How to start a business” at our local community college. The course provided a general knowledge of steps to take and a TON of resources to investigate. I knew that this was just a first step in a long process of research and discovery that would put me on a path of where I wanted to go.

Then something else seems to take over my next steps in this journey. It was more of an inner voice telling me to go ask this person for advice or ask to speak to the owner of a business. I don’t remember having these steps in my mind but rather just some inner force pushing me. Eventually, I reached a point within a 2 year period of gathering resources and advice that I had to put a pin on a date on a calendar and “just do it”! Somehow, all the pieces fell together as if by some miracle force to the magical date of 10.10.10 –  my Grand Opening Day! October 10, 2010….yes… 10.10.10…so many pieces of a HUGE puzzle of how I had arrived at this date were nothing less than miracles! To this day, I KNOW IN MY HEART that my Dad, who had passed when I was 40 years old, had been standing there, right beside me all the time, making everything happen to me that brought me to that date!

That force and spirit that has been guiding me…that inner voice…is still working within my life, every single day! From that opening day, too many “miracles” have been happening to keep my journey going. I know that the forces that brought me to where I am right now in my life have not happened by chance and that makes me know that this journey that is David’s Music House is only going to continue moving toward my inner purpose of doing everything I can to help others find their personal journey, and what better tool can we use to make our lives better, than music!

Changes happen…and unexpected things occur…but one thing remains the same….we each have a purpose that guides our choices and actions as we go through life. If you listen to who you are, deep inside…the voice that has guided your good and bad choices in life…you will know what to do when those changes come along. Stay in focus of who you are. THIS will always make you know how to make the right choices in whatever you do.

As David’s Music House contines to grow and face challenges, my inner voice will always guide me to keep on target of doing the best I can to provide a place of happiness, guidance and mentoring to those who wish to find out who they want to be….and we do that …. with MUSIC!

Peace and Love,




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