I’m on a mission…

david on stageNot quite like the Elwood Blues quote, of the band from Saturday Night Live, The Blues Brothers…. “I’m on a mission from God”, (a bit more literally than The Blues Brothers)…  I realize more everyday that what I’ve created in David’s Music House is a philosophy or pathway of teaching something more than how to play a musical instrument. I’m actually on a life’s mission to help teach others how to be amazing with their God given gifts, but to also be humble, kind people….through the power of Music. My earliest personal memories are of a bewilderment of why anyone would want to be mean or hurtful to another, when it’s much easier and rewarding to be kind to others. I have, and continue to be, both dismayed and amazed that this will likely always be the case.

Music has always been an emotional and soulful connection to joy and happiness for me. It connects and envelops me with every emotion, from sadness and deep reflection to extreme joy and high energy. Through the magic of music, it is my dream to fulfill a larger purpose of instilling humility and kindness into what occurs at David’s Music House. Toward this purpose, we have adapted a slogan of “The Lesson Room is only the First Step”, meaning we begin teaching how to play and instrument or use one’s voice, but our teachers also become Music Mentors to our students. They also work together, as a team with a higher singular purpose of instilling as much mentoring as is possible, to ingrain performance characteristics such as looking at an audience, listening to other musicians they perform with, making sure their instrument “blends in” with the others rather than trying to make sure they are the only ones heard playing or singing. Along with these performance traits, a natural inheriting of humbleness will also become a part of each student’s learning. Using the amazing power of Music to connect to the soul, along with a mentoring process of humility will hopefully bring more people into the community who will do good things. THIS….is the real agenda behind everything we do at David’s Music House.

We encourage parents and members of the community to become more involved in their children and insure that Music is a high priority in their development process. Week after week, I continue to discover news articles about studies that are finding more evidence of how extremely important it is to have our young children learn and participate in music. The bounty of character building and mind development derived from learning music from an early age is so worthwhile that a strong, yet supportive parental investment is absolutely necessary to our future generations. Nothing but good can come from bringing music into a child’s life….to them and to all the world. Let it be a mission of all of us.

Thanks so much for all your continued support of what we all do here at David’s Music House. Please feel free to add your comments and feedback and I will reply.

Peace and Love,


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