I Know Why I’m Doing This…

Every single thing we do in our lives, whether we think they were good or bad, leads us to who we are at any particular moment. Along this journey, if we’re lucky, we discover that we have one thing…. one gift and why we exist. Ever since I was 17 years old, I have always thought my one gift was my singing voice. Along my journey, I have recently discovered that singing was not my best gift. It is my ability to see the gift in others. I realize that I have been doing this all of my life. I have been recognizing what people do and love best and always found myself encouraging them to use it, develop it and make it what they do. David’s Music House does exactly that. Yes, the beginning step is, for one reason or another, that people come telling us they want to learn to play an instrument or to sing. Most places where you take lessons will do exactly just that. They teach what you asked to learn. We go much farther than that because we know that this is only the first step in your journey of learning. Our mission statement contains the sentence, “The lesson room is only the first step”.

What we mean is that we do not take anyone on an endless, week after week, path of instructing you how to play an instrument. We look for signs of talent, interest, dedication or lack of interest. If we detect the instrument chosen isn’t working for a student, or if a student is not practicing their lessons and showing a lack of excitement, we DO something about that. This can be anything from talking things over with the parent to asking a student to give a try at this other instrument or playing with the teacher or another student.

We DO EVERYTHING WE CAN THINK OF to have a student LOVE music and what they are learning. We make learning both FORMAL and FUN. An analogy is, anyone can take a piece of paper, fold it into a paper airplane in front of a child and make it fly and then have the child fold it the same way and make it fly. Then repeat for the next child.

Another method would be to take a piece of paper, fold, fly it, have them make one and fly it, tell them why it flies, tell how aerodynamics makes it fly, who first thought this, what they did to prove it, tell the student about an area demonstration where they’re showing an exhibit about the discoverer and say, “I’m going to go check out this exhibit that coming to town. You should go too! You’ll be able to ask questions, try things out, see how it really looks, ….. ok?????” In other words, get them really super excited about the whole process.

See the difference?

This is what we do. We take all these extra steps beyond typical lesson room learning to help students find their “gift”. David’s Music House teachers don’t just plant the seeds of music. DMH teachers are “gardeners”. They go as far as it takes to help develop someone into the BEST musician possible! This is how I remind myself why I continue to do everything I can think of to keep David’s Music House growing and succeeding. I remind myself of how I have discovered “my one special gift” and how it developed into this dream and passion of a brick and mortar store that carries my mission of looking for the gift in others, telling them they have it and how important it is to realize this gift and nurture it.

Finding your “one special gift” is the key to your knowing how to be happy throughout each day. Great successes require beginning with very small steps toward what you wish to achieve. David’s Music House will continue to provide our small steps in helping as many people in our community find their “special gift” by showing the power that music gives to all of us.

As always, thank you for reading these articles and for your continued support of David’s Music House by coming for learning, attending concerts and events and for spreading the word to others.

Please feel free to post comments of your thoughts and feedback. I’ll respond.