How Do I Spell Success…Helping Others

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 So as I continue to see this creation I call, David’s Music House grow, I make myself pause and think about what growth should actually mean as a business owner. I never started a business with the idea of “what will make me the most money”. I began with “what do I love the most and what do I want to accomplish?” I just knew that if I followed these principals, it would indeed succeed. I have never owned or started a business before in my life and I am well aware of the lack of business knowledge I have compared to so many who start their own business. I also know that every so called “business expert” started out knowing nothing as well. I acknowledge that two important reasons I am experiencing success when so many fail in the first couple of years and they are: 1. my age and 2. faith.

I say age because I have been an introvert who lacked confidence nearly all of my life and I certainly never thought I would be able to start a business as I have. Yes, I had wishes and dreams, but they were just that. They were no more than…”wouldn’t it be awesome to…” Age gave me the wisdom and literal years to be able to look back and see the amazing things I have accomplished. This continues to give me the knowledge that I can do anything I want to do as long as it’s an ingrained passion. Age also gave me the ability to make connections with some very smart business people over the years and most importantly, money saved. Yes, some of this money was for retirement years, but as we all know, retirement is more of a myth in our current times, plus I think it’s better to not actually retire, but continue to do good work in the form of something that helps others. I believe this equals a longer, happier life.

 I say Faith because I know that just being “me” and finding confidence was not enough to start such a business and see it succeed. That, comes with focus and believing that God, angels, family and friends ALL support and fill me with the drive and passion I need, as well as knowing that I have all this LOVE to catch and lift me up, no matter what happens. This provides a strength like nothing else! I know that everything I am capable of, comes from every single event and person I have encountered throughout my life. Whether the experiences were positive or negative, they all made me who I am, at this moment, right now.

 When I put this all together, along with knowing that STOPPING = FAILURE! No one has ever succeeded when they stop trying. The miner who stops digging just short of the gold will never see the rewards. Some of the most successfull people become so because they don’t even envision stopping!

 Success never comes from sitting and counting the rewards. It instead continues and grows from the action of giving and helping others find their way to success. Taking one’s rewards and using them for the happiness of others is the KEY to all the fulfillment and happiness anyone needs. To see the fulfillment of other’s dreams, in indeed the way to spell success.

 As always, I thank each and every one of you for reading, supporting and spreading the word about David’s Music House. “I’m on a mission of changing the world, one person at a time…through the Power of Music”

Peace and Love,


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