How Do I Know More Success Is On the Way?

david on stageYears keep rolling by as if I’m in some kind of time machine, watching everything spin by, changing at the speed of light.  There’s so much more to do and yet, so much has been already accomplished.  This October 10th, 2016, will mark the 6th year that David’s Music House has been a part of this world, and still every single day I ask myself …”How did I ever do THIS?”  THIS is not something that David does!  David always has all these ideas running around in his head, but they’re just thoughts, things that other…smart…important…powerful people do.  I talked to myself like that for almost 40 years of my life…every day.  Having very little confidence, I would allow people to talk down to me and make me believe that I actually was stupid.  I would go somewhere to be alone and break down and tell myself over and over….you are useless…who DO you think you are?  Why do I always feel this way?  Why do I always fail at every single thing I do?  I’d pull myself together and act like nothing bothered me and I was fine.

Then, in what seemed like a single moment…a single second in time, that same voice down inside of me said “I’m tired of always telling myself I’m useless, not smart and can’t achieve these ideas in my head!”  For some unexplainable reason, I was able to realize that I was the voice who was stopping me!  I was the voice who said “you’re stupid.”  If I was the one saying these things, I had absolutely nothing to lose by first, not talking like that anymore…and second, start doing the opposite.  I began by focusing on getting rid of 10 years of crippling back pain and started eating less food.  I lost 100 pounds in a year, which made me feel so much better that I found I could start exercising to make my body stronger…and I did. This turning point was in of itself a huge milestone of making myself physically and mentally healthier and happier…but it was so much more than that…it showed me that I COULD DO ANYTHING THAT I MADE MY MIND UP TO DO!  I next corrected a long personal relationship that was not only keeping my mind emotionally broken, but that I knew it had to change in some way or it would hurt the two most important human beings in my world…my daughters.  So I did something that the person in the previous 40 years would have never been brave enough to do…I ended that emotionally broken relationship.  There was nothing before or since that was more difficult or scarier to do, but I know now that it was not only the right thing to do, but one of the best and most successful things I have ever done.  The list of things that are now better for myself and many others, because of the things I did at that time, are far too many to begin talking about here.  That is the measure of how much I am aware that I or anyone can make anything they truly desire, a success!

The events in my life that occurred after I turned 40 years old, were turning points of courage, realization and faith.  Over the 24 years since, events that have continued being blessings, ratified my awakening that ALL of these events in my life have happened and continue to do so because of the divine power of God…a power that I now choose to have complete faith in, by simply looking at the past and knowing that the voice deep inside me that grows stronger every day, is God’s voice.  He is telling me that there is still a lot of work to do toward the “dream” that He created me for… which is taking David’s Music House and its mission, to a higher purpose, and for me, that is making the world a bit better, happier, kinder and full of music.

October 10, 2016 is the beginning of the 7TH YEAR of David’s Music House and I have never felt stronger about what will happen to the “ideas” in my head.  I have more faith that they will happen….just as ALL the other events of my life happened.

Get ready folks….more great things are on the way….because changes are always happening…and I’m enjoying the ride…every minute!


“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly” – Robert Kennedy


Peace & Love,


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