Damn…just step into a story, told by anyone, and with a common bond of “Music”, we all find how much alike we all are. I submit that music can be a common factor that can bring us all to a place of quiet commonality. In our times, I know that I, for one, am trying on a daily basis to take my mind to another place away from where our world seems to take us all. It’s not just any one thing or action that is separating us but all under a common category of communications. Our planet has instant communications. It is common place to children born now, that they look at a device, a thing they can hold and touch and watch and go anywhere and see anything. It’s all so easy. This gigantic new technology evolution of our 21st Century is now fact and part of us all. Even for those who don’t join social media or don’t even own a cell phone are intwined in it, even if they are not aware of it. This amazing technology astounds me every day, as a person of a generation who had parents from a time of no electricity, to one of inventing these new technologies. I still am astonished when I touch my mobile phone to watch what I know are billions of coded zeros and ones, grouped into a Youtube video that is literally flying through the air and matter to reach a device in my house, that finds an area cell tower, that hops eventually to an Earth orbiting satellite and then to the eventual source of where the programming launguage first translated …all in the matter of a second or two.

Yes, we live in an unbelievable age when our imagination of 50 years ago have become reality and yet with it all, we are becoming more separated than ever. We gain so much and yet we lose so much. I think perhaps we still have one method of communications that although can and has been drawn into this technological evolution, has one major feature that makes it so completely unique…and extremely valuable to all of us. This is of course, music. Such a simple word for such an amazing thing! This is because of one aspect that this method of communications possesses that all others do not….it’s connection to human emotion. You can change it, play it on different devices, manipulate it in so many ways and yet it still connects to our human emotions.

I LOVE TED Talks. They take me to a place where my mind thinks differently than every day tasks. I recently found a TED Talk about a woman who intended on making the world a better place by being educated as a lawyer of international relations. She ended up, quite by chance, discovering the banjo. Yes, the banjo… and wound up traveling the world achieving what she originally intended…but though “The Power of Music.” I am including a link below, to the short TED Talk. Please take a few minutes of your day and witness how incredibly powerful MUSIC really is.

Thank you every one for choosing to bring MUSIC into your lives and the lives of your children and families and for coming to David’s Music House to allow us to introduce you to your journey of MUSIC!

Pease and Love,


Building US-China relations … by banjo

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