Happy Mother’s Day!


We celebrate Mother’s Day this May 13, 2018. Below are pictures of my Mom, Hannah.

Hannah 2007Young Hannah







This month, we celebrate Mothers and for many of us of the Baby Boomer Generation, we are at the stage of life where we have lost or nearing the end of our Mothers being here with us. I have reached the stage of having both my parents and my brother and sister having passed away. I am the only member of my immediate family still living and let me tell you, it is indeed a strange feeling! All but my brother lived a long, mostly healthy life and passed from natural causes. My brother died around the age of 50, much too young. It is true that as we live our busy lives, focused on what we each need to do for ourselves and our families, we don’t really appreciate how great it is to have our parents alive with us. Sure, there are many who may not have good relationships with parents or may have lost one or both at a young age, or perhaps never even knew their parents, but if you are fortunate enough to have relationships with your parents, don’t forget to spend time with them while you still can.  It is pretty strange when you think of giving them a call to see what’s going on..and you realize that you can’t just call them on the phone anymore.

Our family noticed my mother, Hannah, beginning to forget things and act confused. She would stop in mid sentence and search for a word she wanted to use. We all thought it was just normal behavior of someone almost 90 years of age. It wasn’t. It was the “Silent Epidemic” of our time. Silent because we all just think it’s normal to begin to forget things when we get very old. Alzheimer’s is going to be the most crippling disease of our times as the Baby Boomer Generation, the largest aging segment of our population, grows older. This country will feel the heavy burden on its economy and the families will feel the tragedy and sadness that it brings.

My mother lived her last 5 years in a state of being perfectly healthy of body, but feeling the nightmare of feeling her mind slip away. I’m sure she was quite aware many times of what was going on, seeing that she was living in a old age home with other victims of age related illnesses, being terrified but actually getting some relief from the fear as her mind slipped into the fog once again.

So take some time this Mother’s Day and tell Mom how amazing she is…Say The Words to her. If you have any issues or are not in contact with your Mom, for whatever reason, perhaps visit a neighbor or join some friends who may be taking their Mom out to dinner…or even send a card to someone who is a mom…just to say…for this day…Have a Great Mother’s Day Today!

David’s Music House sends out our Love of Music to all you Moms out there!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Peace and Love,







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