DMH Celebrates The Month of Love!

Well, it’s February and we have managed, so far, to get through a major part of this Winter, with minimal freezing and snowy weather. I for one, am fine with this because I don’t care for snow anymore, unless I’m inside looking at it, knowing I don’t have to go out in it at all. Of course, we still have plenty of time left to get a major snow storm or a week of sub-zero temps, but it’s been good for me, so far.

February is The Month of Love because of Valentine’s Day. It’s really kind of strange to set one day or even one month of the year aside to celebrate Love! Shouldn’t we be doing that every day? I do however, think it’s really a nice way to have some fun during the bleak months of winter. We at David’s Music House know that Music, being the major method of emotional communication of humans, gives us purpose to make note of Valentine’s Day, as we here Love all of our students and families for coming to and making DMH their guide into the Language of Love that is “Music”.

We have some sweet treats for February and our “Anytime Student Open Stage” performances continue to give our DMH Café an atmosphere of Warmth and Love for everyone.

It is worth a mention that Anita and I celebrate our Wedding Anniversary on Valentine’s Day. We obviously couldn’t have wanted any other month to forever treasure our love for each other….plus, honestly, I knew I would never forget our Wedding Anniversary date.

Anita and I and Everyone at DMH wish you all our Love.

Peace and Love,


So here is the inspirational Story I wanted to share with you. 

“The Black Dot on the White Page”

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