Celebrating Blessings!

david on stageAnother year flies by…where do they go? Memories flood my mind with increasing importance anymore, as I look at my grandchildren and finally realize that I am older than my mind thinks I am. It seems that in my sixth decade, I am in this in-between state of mind, where I still feel young of spirit and how I think, but I am also very mindful of how freakin’ long it takes to get over a simple cold! One thing I am completely aware of than ever before…is how amazingly blessed I am and have been over my life. The man of my youth would have never thought that, as I struggled against life to find out who I should be. The older I get, the more I realize how every event of my life was and still is a blessing. If it didn’t seem so at the time, it was only because I lacked the experience of enough years to see why I had to endure even the hard issues. Nothing we go through is a waste as long as we eventually learn from the experience or if we have faith that everything happens for an eventual good reason.

Since there is no physical past or future, we only have the present that is real. If you are able to keep that focus, or at least remind yourself of it, you can see the value of savoring “Today”. Our brains have memories, that are experiences we have gone through and these memories make us have expectations of what may be to come, but only Today is real! We can imagine what we may do or think of if we knew Today was our last. What would we do? How would we use the day? I think we would realize, in early morning, that we can not waste any of the day on “what if” thoughts. Even if we were not able to physically do something amazing on our last day, we would know how wasteful it would be to spend the hours on anything other than love and happiness…of being with or talking with people we love.

It’s only human nature to have thoughts of fear, doubt, anxiety, anger and negativity, but I find, as I grow older, how insignificant these thoughts are in benefiting myself or my overall need to be remembered as someone who left a legacy of Goodness to the world. So, I spend a lot ot time each day, trying to break these life long habits of instant reactions of emotions, but rather catching my thoughts just before they become verbal and tell myself…”saying that outloud is really not necessary at all” and I push it away. Trust me, a lifelong habit is not easy to stop but it can be done if done as often as possible. Eventually, I expect this will become my habit.
An additional useful tool to fight off negative thinking is by instantly replacing the quieted thought with a thought of a blessing. I’m reminded of the song Bing Crosby sang in the holiday movie, “White Christmas”…”Counting My Blessings”. It’s so true. Thinking of a blessing in place of a negative thought does the body good and helps develop the habit of doing so.

As we celebrate the Holiday Season, in whatever traditions you follow, the one commonality we do share is that, this time of year makes us more kind, more helpful to those who need or to those enduring suffering. We begin this last month of the year with preparations of celebration, we sing and smile more and as we reach the last days of December, we reflect on the past year, past memories and think of what may come in the next year. During this month, we often watch holiday movies that make us remember wonderful past celebrations and those who are no longer with us. We hear music that fills us with similar memories of beginnings, our youth and love.

As we enjoy these memories and ponder on the future, we will feel a gambit of emotions, from sadness to hopefull plans for the future. This is part of what this end of the yea is for. Let us also remember to spend each day of December, making the most of each “Today”, as we live it and focus the positive thoughts and actions that will leave each of us knowing that our “Todays” are being used to make our world a happier, kinder, non judgemental one. Let us try harder to move the pendulum toward LOVE and PEACE.

All of us at David’s Music House wish all of you Blessings and Joy of the Holiday Season.

Peace and Love,


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