April ???…Really ???

david on stageRemember last month, I said if March comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion?…well, it looks like the lion is hanging on into April still. What’s with these cold temps and snow…still in April? It’s supposed to be April Showers..but not SNOW showers! Oh well, it is Pittsburgh, PA…we get the four seasons, but they also tend to blur from one season into another anymore. We seem to not really know when Winter stops and Spring starts. It’s a good thing we have calendars to tell us…right?

So, since it’s mostly Spring, we’re all getting ready to see those trees fill with all those green leaves and the spring flower pop out of the ground. We’re gearing up for some beautiful Spring action at ‘da House as well. We have more new teachers and new Performance learning all beginning in April.

We have 3, yes, three String teachers now! Check out all of our teachers BIO’s on our Music Teachers page on our website here.

We are beginning our NEW Performance Learning in April as well. One of the key missing components of most musicians is knowing and understanding why and how to perform on stage. I’m not talking about playing their instruments or singing here. I am speaking about having the awareness that musicians are not performing on a stage for their own pleasure. Yes, every musician gets pleasure from playing and performing, but without an audience, you may as well be alone in a room listening to yourself. Once a musician steps onto a stage or has an audience listening, they have a responsibility to “entertain” those listeners, at least if they ever want people to like, follow and come hear them perform again in the future. There is more to entertaining an audience than just being good at playing an instrument or having an amazing voice. Every musician should show their audience that they are aware that they are indeed out there and let them know that, by talking to them, looking at them and most importantly, thanking them! Believe it or not, there are so many who do not do this at all and many more who don’t know how to do this. This is because they don’t have any experience entertaining audiences and have never been taught HOW to do this.

This has been a fundamental reason I created David’s Music House. In addition to providing inspiration, encouragement and mentoring students to want to learn…I want students to show their listeners that they care about them. This falls under our mentoring of students. It provides students with more than lessons, but with responsibility and caring for others. This part of learning at David’s Music House will carry over into our students awareness of how to care for and support others throughout all of their lives. At DMH, it is an important value to make our best efforts to encourage support of others and community. We do this through the very best communications tool known…MUSIC! Music is communicating directly to not only understanding, but to our human emotions and there is no better pathway to promote kindness and understanding of others.

As always, I want to thank all of the parents and students who have chosen David’s Music House for your Music Education and for spreading the word about what we are trying to do in our community and the world – make our world just a little better, one student at a time.

“The Lesson Room is Only the First Step” – David

Peace and Love,







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