Another ‘Realization Moment’ during this Journey

Last night’s performance, The “Brooke Annibale Concert”, May 20, 2011 became another “moment of realization” for me on this journey of life that I am blessed to pass through! As the owner of a new startup business, during one of our country’s worst economic crisis, I have these “snapshots or moments of time” that I will always remember, no matter where this journey takes me. Last night was once such moment.

I have been a musician for over 40 years now and I have always loved the power of music and how it effects our emotions and lives. Last night, while I was running around making sure the business was running properly, that things were prepared for a performance, running the sound board and video recording the performance, I “paused” for many of these moments and took in the amazing talents, voices, lyrics, and playing of instruments of this night’s artists, and just soaked it all in….to the fullest degree…and they overwhelmed me!

Maura Jensen started the night off with her original songs by standing there and slipping out one of the most amazing, soft, velvety voices I have ever heard. Maura drove 4 hours from Baltimore, MD to perform at our little venue because she had met Brooke a few months ago and because she knows, as Brooke does, that success is all about marketing yourself, your name and your music, to as many places as you can. It’s all about giving people the chance to “experience” you.

After Maura finished and a short break, Brooke and the amazing musicians, featuring Pittsburgh renown Anthony Rankin, Seth Pierson on bass and drummer/percussionist, Bill Staley took the stage and musically and spiritually wowed our audience. With Brooke playing all the songs of her newly released album, “Silence Worth Breaking”, there were so many occasions when I almost forgot to pay attention to my duties of running the sound and video recording because I was so absorbed in the music and performance.

No one left, moved from their chairs or broke their attention during the  band’s performance, with the only exception being the resounding applause after each song.

Truly, I am very fortunate to be able to bring in the like of these artists to my business and only through the support of our DMH fans who continue to spread the word about the “David’s Music House Total Experience” are we able to continue bringing in these types of concerts and events.

Thanks again, so much for last night’s and the many other artists who have played at DMH and to the community for embracing us and allowing David’s Music House to be your “gathering place for the community’s lovers of music and the arts”.

Enjoy a video of last night’s performance and be sure to click on our YouTube Channel button for more videos from last night (to be posted soon) and all of our other performers and events.
Note: This video introduces the band members but just misses the intro of Seth Pierson, the bass player. Apologies to Seth:-)


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