After Z Concert – A Story Project

AFter Z, from Youngstown, OH, performed on the Coffee House Stage last Friday (7/22/11) and gave a quite unique performance. Their music is really more of a story. The founder of the band and creator of the music, Nathan Stauffer, is completing a book that is a part of the whole story of the project that they are a part of. Here is After Z’s explanation of their current project:

“For anyone willing to close their eyes and listen for whispers, to fill up the corners with wonder, to learn to walk through the sky and discover the previously unseen shapes and colors…for anyone willing to believe in bigger things, the story is quite clear: there is another world out there, one that exists outside of the things that we see with our eyes or touch with our hands. Where is it? Well, I suppose it can be found in the notes of your favorite song, or in the colors of your favorite picture, or in the love you feel for your favorite person. If it were a number, it would be larger than infinity…and if it were a letter, it would come after Z.”

Quite a different performance for the coffee house, After Z brought a blend of hi-tech and acoustic sounds and played what could have easily filled a large venue, perfectly into our small, intimate environment. The songs of their current project will blend and interweave into the soon to be released novel that Nathan is just about finished with.

For any DMH fans who could not attend the concert, we will be posting more videos of their performance very soon on our YouTube Channel and After Z will be coming back sometime in the fall. We’ll keep everyone updated as to when the book is completed and how to get it.

After Z has become another DMH friend and we will make sure to keep you all informed on what the band is up to and when you can look forward to them coming back to ‘da House.

Thanks again to all the community who come and support David’s Music House by donating to the cause of bringing in great performances to the South Hills Community.

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