a totally unique music education concept

David’s Music House’s “A Total Music Experience” is just that. We provide something that has never been done in music education….all under one roof. We’re not a music retail store, we’re not a couple of music teachers, selling whatever we think we can sell you, under the guise of the genre of Rock Music. David’s Music House is something completely new in the area of music education.

Although we offer music lessons of almost every type of instrument, music lessons are only the First Step in our process. Our excellent degreed staff of dedicated music teachers begin the process of finding your “gift” of love of music and help you find where and how to put you on the path of development of that gift. Then our teachers become “mentors of music” and show you all the tools that David’s Music House offers to continue developing your “gift”.

The one KEY to the entire concept of David’s Music House is INSPIRATION! We don’t just teach you how to play an instrument….we INSPIRE you to want to grow and develop you talent to it’s highest potential.

One continuous comment we hear from all the professional recording artists we have perform on our coffee house stage is “I only wish I had a place with all these resources, tools and teachers when I was beginning in music!”

People are always surprised when they enter David’s Music House for the first time as they have never seen a place of music learning that looked like a complete house of music, with a coffee house, large performance stage, large lesson rooms, and a recording studio, surrounded in a one of a kind, artistic decor that celebrates music and the arts.

Fall is time to ramp up all that we do! New music students and parents arrive on a continuous basis and we have some awesome new teachers who are here to start you on your path of inspiration. Check out our Music Lesson page on our website to read the Bios of our teaching staff.

Take some time out to watch a few short testimonial videos from some of the great artists who have performed on our coffee house stage.

Our long list of performers who provide student inspiration continues to grow, as we gear up to bring you something new for the fall with some combined concert performance & interactional workshops with some of the BEST performers in the country like Joy Ike and Kurt Scobie who can’t wait to work with our DMH students and show them how to become successful professional independent recording artists.

David’s Music House will continue finding new and unique ways to provide our students with the newest resources and technologies in the field of music today. Especially in these current times of funding cuts to music and art in our public schools, it is more important than ever to insure music and art continue to seek out and inspire new musicians to keep following their dreams and develop their “gift of music”.

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