A Symphony of Learning and Love

david on stageI often sit in my tiny office in DMH and spend hours doing all the background work it takes to keep the school going and growing. I can be working on anything from researching for some idea that popped into my mind recently…to working with GoDaddy.com and WordPress to resolve some issue of spam and hacking against our website… and everything else in between. People are usually surprised to find that I was here, at DMH, for hours when I pop out to get more coffee. They probably think I am sleeping or something…(if only) My office, which is also the control room for the recording studio, has absolutely no room available, even if I wanted to take a nap! The best I can do would be to rest my head on the computer table, but I’m too afraid I would fall off my stool and injure myself to try that. 🙂

But while I am engrossed in some issue I may be working on, I often realize my ears are hearing this wonderful Symphony of Learning…which are sounds of all the various music lessons going on. I’ll hear a voice teacher’s beautiful voice and then a sweet voice of a small child, who’s only wish is to someday be able to sing like his or her teacher. From another direction, I will hear some rock sounds on guitar or drums or an oboe, tuba, trumpet or violin. Quite often I get chills all over and give thanks to GOD for being able to just sit there and know that the amazing dream I had eight years ago, to start a community center of learning and loving music is happening all around me. I usually have to compose myself and wipe the tears of joy from my eyes before I go out to the front cafe. Some times a very small child will say, “Hi David”! with such exuberance that I can not hold back my huge smile. Sometimes parents think it is disrespectful for a child to call me David and they say, that’s Mr David or Mr Lindberg. I immediately say, “NO, please, call me David. That’s my name on the wall and I LOVE when a child or anyone just says, Hi David. I think of myself as a business owner and a musician but these very young children are calling me David as if I were some mystical being, who’s name is on the outside sign and on the stage wall. Nothing makes me happier than children, learning music and how to show kindness and love and the excitement of learning how to play an instrument or sing. It makes me know that music will continue to inspire future generations.

It’s a good thing to feel that another young person is learning to play or sing music but also to learn how to use music to express love, kindness, joy and emotion….all with a spirit of humility and humanity.

Truly, I pinch myself on a daily basis, knowing that I am blessed to be taking part of creating some good in this world, that will go on for generations…as well as see and hear the seeds of this dream, grow and flourish. I have so much more work to do…but I make sure to enjoy the journey as it occurs…for certain.

As always…Thank You for supporting David’s Music House and all we do.

Peace and Love,