A Father’s Day Story – Big Dave’s Dream (Thanks Dad)

Big Dave and Little DaveAs June 16th is Father’s Day, I thought I’d re-post this article…. a bit of how much my Dad influenced my life and led me to create David’s Music House, as well as why I am trying to do more than provide a place that offers music lessons.

“Somebody’s Praying” – a song written by John G Elliott and performed by Ricky Scaggs is an amazing song and has so much meaning for me.  I have felt the presence and guidance of my father, David A. Lindberg, “Big Dave”, almost from the moment he died, on December 21, 1989. The passing of my father became a new season of my entire life, as I became a completely new person and I know it is because he became my guardian angel and continues guiding me every step of the way. The lyrics of the song include, “Mighty hands are guiding me, to protect me from what I can’t see. Lord I believe, Somebody’s praying for me. Angels are watching, I can feel them. Angels are watching over me….”

Many of you know that I often speak of my Dad starting me into music. He and my mother went to look for a player piano at a music store one day, when I was about 13 years old. The salesman sat me at an organ with some music note cardboard guides and a beginner song book and I was hooked.  They bought that organ that night.

My dad took me to my organ lessons every week, to recitals, to my classical pipe organ lessons, bought a small organ when I started with some friends in a band, bought us a van to carry our equipment, bought a Hammond Organ B-3Leslie speaker cabinets, sound equipment, found playing jobs for myself and the band, came and recorded us many times when we played….and on and on…. He was living his dream, through me.

When I faced leaving my corporate job of 22 years in 2008, I didn’t know if I should take that leap or not. My whole life was about playing it safe, not taking risks, but a voice inside kept telling me that if I stay the same, so will my life, and possibly fill my memories with regrets. I listened to that voice, and I have no doubt it was being guided by my Dad.

Over the last almost 9 years, although David’s Music House has always showed positive movement toward success, it has been one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life! During the first three years, there were a few times when I didn’t know how I was going to keep it going.  All through these scary times, suddenly, seemingly from out of the blue, financial support would come to see me through…thanks to my Angels watching over me. Everything that has happened over the last 9 years has enabled the business to keep going and moving forward. 

This video below is from a few years ago and it brought me a wonderful gift of a sign from my Dad, coming full circle.

A good friend and great musician, songwriter and guitar player, Jim Lawrence, had my Dad’s 1930 Gibson acoustic guitar, wonderfully restored. He played on our DMH Stage and all I could think of was my Dad starting me in music and guiding me all of these years and I KNEW he was right there, in spirit, beside me, listening to his guitar, and telling me, “It’s all going to be great David. You are living my dream. You are making this work. I’m so proud of you!” and my eyes just began to flood without control. Thanks for a “priceless memory Jim!

Thank you DAD…….

This Father’s Day…go see your Dad and give him the BIGGEST HUG ever and say the words..”Thanks for everything Dad…I love you”.  Trust me…he wants no other gift than that. If your Father is no longer with you…say the same words to him. I truly believe he will hear you.

Peace & Love,