A Different Summer…30 Years Ago

For all you youngsters out there…and the oldsters…yes…you may be able to tell who this is. A lot of time has passed since this performance in 1991 and time has a tendancy to change our appearance…LOL

I thought, for all the young students who have never seen David perform or even knew if he is a musician…here ya go. .This benefit concert in the city of Homestead, PA was just about exactly 30 Summers ago. It was the largest crowd this guy ever performed for and a night I will never forget. The guitar player, Bob Chalfant and I were in a band at the time and he had a few great musician friends who wanted to do a Tribute to the legandary band, Santana. I added this very popular, new song at the time, by Brian Adams at the end of the performance.

I hope you enjoy and it just goes to show that music can fulfill your whole life…and it did and it still does!

Happy Summer.

Peace and Love,


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