Success Is My Only Choice

Seven years ago, David’s Music House opened it’s door on the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year of the new century. Yep…it was 10.10.10 October, 10, 2010. If that wasn’t a sign of “meant to be”, then how about a shy, quiet, person who never took a risk in his life…leaving a secure job of 22 years, at the time of our country’s worst depression since the “Great Depression” of the 20th Century, beginning to plan the very first business he ever attempted, financed solely on his own, with his own life’s savings, but starting this new small business in the county’s worst economic times of our lives. What was I thinking??? Frankly, I wasn’t thinking of risk or failure at all! I was moving on a inner voice and drive and purpose that I really had no idea where it was coming from, nor how I was able to do something that was unlike my behavior ever!

This same drive within me that started when I was 40 years old, is still the dominant force that is continuing the growth and steady success of David’s Music House as we hit our 7th year Anniversary. There are so many reasons for this growth and success, which I have spoken and written about often but the single underlying purpose of a personal passion to do what I call “fix something that has always be the center of my emotional passage through life – Why can’t people just be kind to each other?” I have been bewildered since my earliest memories of why a human being, upon meeting another human, feels a need to hurt, hit, curse or take something away from them. I truly can not stop being affected by this, to this day, every minute of every day! It astounds me that at the very least, simply not interacting at all would even be a better social behavior than a negative, purposeful confrontation. This question of human behavior that continues to puzzle me is the single purpose of everything we do at David’s Music House. We use Music, which is the only communication tool that connects directly to the core of people’s emotions, bypassing language, nationalities and even visibly different appearances of each other. We know we can use Music to connect to each other, and then Mentor students, families and community by showing our examples of good behaviors.

I take this passion very seriously. DMH Teachers are not just teachers. I insist that they are trained, coached and reminded to Mentor students by setting examples of not just how to play and instrument or sing, but how to perform with others, how to care for your instrument, how to be responsible by practicing your instrument to realize success through performance to an audience, and love of hearing how your music makes yourself feel good. DMH Music Mentors must realize that students emulate and watch not only how they perform but how they behave, interact and support others. Students watch their Mentors all the time. This is why I continue to say that “The Lesson Room is only the FIRST STEP” in what we do at DMH. DMH strives to insure the atmosphere and surroundings within DMH provide a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment with a single message – We do everything we can do promote love of music and support of others through our use of music, toward Kindness, Support, Happiness, Peace and Love.

So, for whatever reason, this drive that has been a dominate force within myself to “fix” what makes people be unkind, keeps me on this path, keeps me focused or brings me back to focus whenever the hard tasks of running a growing small business wears on me. I have no choice but to keep doing what I am doing, guided mostly by my gut or inner voice that drives me to overcome obstacles, find new innovations, improve processes and keep everyone who is a part of the DMH Team on track to keep inspiring and mentoring students to discover “WHY” they began this musical journey and why it’s so rewarding and important for all of us to do   everything we can do make our world kinder, smarter, supportive of others and promote Peace and Love…through the magic that is “The Power of Music”.

Peace & Love,


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