Fall is here, officially as of September 21st, and what perfect Fall weather we have been experiencing for the last couple of weeks. What an amazing time of the year as it is also our 3RD ANNIVERSARY of David’s Music House! We are so THANKFUL AND EXCITED about what we have accomplished so far and what we have in store for the future! We’ll be celebrating all of October with surprises and ways to say “Here’s To You”, which is also the theme of our Fall Student Recital.

Our Fall Student Recital just took place on Sept 29 and what an amazing event it was as we feature our students doing what they do best! All students had a chance to say and wear an outfit that represents something unique about themselves. The theme, “And Here’s To You” is based off a wonderful children’s book by David Elliott. We’ll be posting pictures and some videos very soon on the website. The performance was also broadcast LIVE and is posted on Ustream.com which can be accessed by clicking on the Ustream icon in the top right corner of www.davidsmusichouse.com

We continue to grow larger as more and more of the community learns about “A Total Music Experience” from David’s Music House. We are looking to add more teachers to keep up with our student growth. This is a WONDERFUL problem for any business to have, especially as we approach our THIRD ANNIVERSARY.

Here are some ways we are going to celebrate all of October.

  • We’re giving you FREE coffee or tea.
  • During the anniversary week of Oct. 7 – 12, we will have sample pastries for everyone to enjoy.
  • Every time you spend $1 at our Cafe, your DMH Cafe Rewards Card will be double punched, giving you more chances to WIN in our monthly iTunes Gift Card Drawing, plus for October, someone will WIN and iPod Shuffle!

David’s Music House opened on 10.10.10. It was the most perfect of times and the signs and efforts that brought it all together are almost beyond description. Here’s the short version – After 1.5 years of planning, 6 weeks of construction, planning a huge grand opening day of 20 different performers and bands playing both inside and in the Waterdam Plaza parking lot, on the ONLY non-Steeler Sunday of that year, having occupancy approval by the township only 2 days before the grand opening – and that’s the short version!

The last three years have seemed like they took forever and yet like they went by as a blur at the same time! Whew…. so many highs and lows of how to keep this dream going. What we have always been most grateful for is the steady stream of new students coming in our House and our BIG Living Room to discover what “all the buzz” is about David’s Music House. The South Hills Community continues to hear the good word and comments about what we do at DMH that goes far beyond instructing how to play instruments or sing. It is our mission to ensure that everyone in the community has a Family Friendly place to come and Learn, Develop, Explore, and be INSPIRED by The Power of Music!

Music is the universal language that binds all of us and all living things on our planet. Music goes far beyond sound as it affects our deepest emotions and even our physical health. Studies are proving more each day how music improves our brain health in learning and memory. Music does this from the very young to the very old. It reaches into our creative minds and induces growth and our future genius’ of humankind. Music communicates to plant and animal life to enhance and enrich life on our planet. Music is the Great Denominator that connects everything. It affects us even when we are not aware.

There is nothing that we can do that is has more potential and value than to listen, explore and play music. It can heal when science can not in both physical and spiritual ways.

THIS is why I created David’s Music House….as it is my firm belief that the more time we spend learning and listening to all forms of music, the more we will understand and appreciate how we are all connected and thus find how to live and help each other live in happiness and peace with one another.

These are high ideals, for sure, but never-the-less, real and attainable goals, if we help each other discover “The Power of MUSIC”.

I give thanks each and every day to each one of you who come to discover music with us at David’s Music House. We all benefit together, in the end.


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